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  • Would you be able to email me the excel sheet? Also, would you have the readings for the lent and holy fifty days?
  • Exactly! I was also wondering about the sign of the cross. We say "In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit [one God]. Amen."Where did that part come from and are there any other churches that use it?Thanks,FirstChurch
  • Ahh! Thanks for clairifying
  • The Thursday Theotokia, the 4th verse of the 5th part...
  • So are you saying that she endured no labor pains? It does not suffice to simply say so. Could you please back up your thought? One can't really say "I think" about theological/dogmatical/essential spirituality like this. Forgive me, FirstChurch
  • Hello mikeforjesus, I too have struggled in such a sin, and continue to. Try hard brother, perservere against the evil one! There must be a way, and I am no one to talk, just one who is with you on this boat. My FOC once told me to stay away from m…
  • Hey Guys, Thanks all for the great advice. It's been tought but I am still trying. My FOC told me not to go on much media for 21 days and told me which is easyier, no media for 21 days or no communion for 21 days. Which DID very much scare me! Thank…
  • Hey Guys, thank you all for your great advice! Unfortunately, I have fallen again! Please pray for me! It has been almost a full week since my last actual visit to a porn page, but that is probably it. Seven days and I have fallen! Please guys keep …
  • I KNOW! I STONGLY AGREE WITH JOSHUAA! I have just fallen again...PLEASE LORD! HAVE MERCY ON YOUR SERVANT!!!!!!!! PLEASE GUYS ADVICE PLEASE! I am planning to confess with my Father Of Confession this week, any advice??? God bless you guys, and please…
  • I also found a messing in my Inbox, but I assume the person wanted to remain anonymous so I will share it, without mention of the person in question Dear 'FirstChurch': Welcome to the forum. It is a great blessing to have you. I read your questio…
  • @ ShareTheLord : Thanks for the advice! Its mainly on the computer! @ThyWillBeDone : The problem, is that I am a youth, and each member of my family has their own computer. Also, I am unfortunatly the one with the most knowledge in regards to techno…