Lord's Prayer

It is true that the Lord's prayer differs between Protestants and Catholics. It also differs slightly compared to Orthodox. My question is can someone explain the evolution of the biblical Lord's prayer into the one we now use today in the Coptic Orthodox Church. I've done quite a bit of research on this matter and I can't seem to find something explaining how "In Christ Jesus our Lord" came into the picture. Could anyone shed some light on this? 


  • I don't know, but note that this addition is unique to the Coptic Church, other Orthodox do not use it.
  • Exactly! I was also wondering about the sign of the cross. 
    We say "In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit [one God]. Amen."
    Where did that part come from and are there any other churches that use it?
  • I went to a protestant school, catholic and orthodox churches, I can say that they are all the say, but some protestant use the newer translation as they find it easier to underatnd. 
  • @WithJesusWeThrive

    No, FirstChurch points out actual differences between the Coptic and all other churches' wording.  I hope an answer can be found.
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