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  • I have to disagree with telling people. In my personal experience, people make things worse. I mean, there are some people that will do all they can to help you, but most people will just end up making things worse. Tell God all that is on your mind…
  • I know I know, that's a lot harder said than done. But how do I regain my relationship with Christ?
  • yes, I do really like her, but how do I get over her haha, congrats
  • We are just friends, but it's just a complicated situation. Basically, I want to figure out how to spend less time focusing on her and more time on God
  • i know she is!!!! that's why it's so hard! I like her sooo much! and the promise was that I would have to call her the second I'm sad. I hope I'm not portraying her as a bad person because she is the exact opposite. She really has helped me through …
  • tee shoree is prayed on the weekdays beginning with the fast along with alleluia je efmevi. On saturday and sunday, throughout the whole fast, alleluia fai pe pi and tai shoree are prayed. When the month of kiahk starts, that is when all the other h…
  • Yes, this girl is coptic and the promise was every time. I have to think more before I agree to things...
  • you said that whenever there is a problem, turn to God. I think that's the problem. Let me try to be a little bit more specific in explaining my problem. Theres a girl (I bet everybody is rolling their eyes saying "there's always a girl!" Well to yo…