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  • my favorites are: 1. Psalm 150 (Palm Sunday) 2. Fai Etaf Enf 3. Oukaty Kasees 4. Psali for the Resurrecton 5. Semoti
  • The reason he's making fun of you is becaus he associates Egyptian with Islam. So, I think you should make it clear to him that you're Egyptian or ask him why he makes fun of you.
  • With those grades maybe you can't get into a university or Cal State, but you could go into community college for 2 years and transfer into the 4-year school that you want to get into.
  • The truth is, nobody knows when the end will come; not even the angels in heaven know. Instead of waiting for it; we should prepare ourselves. Many see the end as condemnation to mankind, but the righteous see it as joy because this is when they wil…
  • Usually you only say a Hiten for only St. Abanoub: Hiten ni evki ente piathloforos em martiros: Piagios Kirie Abanoub
    in Hiten Ni Comment by feltaos January 2006
  • I just have one thing to say to you: discuss this problem with your father of confession and not us.