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  • After saint stephen's story... i love the stroy of prince Tadros el Shotby... there's an awesome book about him. I would write up his story but its too long and I'm a slow typer.
  • My favrite story in the Bible is of St Stephen... Imagine giving a speech so that everyone who was listening was "cut to the heart" and that they killed him even though his face was shining like an angels... I can never stop reading this story...I …
  • About prayign before sleeping... Abouna said once it is better to leave the time before sleep to pray from your heart with your own words and to Pray using the Agbeya at a set time like 7:00. He said that cos often when u come to pray from the Agbe…
  • Here's one concerning metanias "The smell of sweat while praying is better than the smell of fragrance. Mar Isaac the Syrian
  • I love St Stephen too
  • I thought it was 36 whips 3 nails 1 spear 1 crown of thorns= 41.
  • As someone said before, when the bible say jealous it dont mean it in the way we understand it...when God is communicating to us or talking through the prophets He has to limit Himself to our language. Also i think u can be jealous in a good way, …
  • That book is written by HG Bishop Matteous
  • I've heard ibrahim ayad sing the long part of ifnouti pilogos. Also if you listen the the Christmas marad alpraxis for the 2004 Christmas liturgy at the catherdral, they say the same tune of ifnouty piloghos with Shere Bethlehem ( pretty sure) …
  • Maybe because Abraham was told he would be the father of a great nation. Nation can also be defined as a country (if u know what I mean) and Abraham was told to leave his home to go to the promised land.. in that sense he could be the fathjer of the…
  • Ive never heard that three day stuff either. When u die ur soul seperated from ur body and is taken to the waiting places (hades or paradise), until the second coming of the Lord. After that our soul reunites with our bodies (general resurrection …
  • Our church in Adelaide (Australia) is named after St. Bishoy... St. Mary and Anba Bishoy Coptic Orthodox Church.
  • The way I look at it, is the reason that there are so many denominations of Christianity is because it is a proof that Christianity is the correct religion. If Christianity did not reveal truth in its teachings then the devil would not have put in…
    in Why? Comment by estephanos111 June 2005
  • Hey everyone, We had a talk a few years ago about Mormons by Anba Suriel, who has studied in depth. Here are a few points that stuck in my mind because they were so weird (I dont know how they could claim they are Christian): They believe that Jes…
  • Tell me, Tell me
  • Thats awesome. i really love this hymn. God be with you. Stephen
  • I read some where that the best thing to do after the holy resurrection during the fifty days is to celebrate the divine liturgy often... So I try and go as much as I can. It kind of lets me feel the power of the resurrection esspecially in the mas…
  • This is may favourite...Heb 13:7. I got it stuck on my wall in big writing next to a picture of baba Kyrillos. Also I really like this from one of Anba Moussa' Books.. "Just as sin starts with a thought, repentance also starts with a thought". P…
  • Hey everyone, I've got a question Do catholics believe that St. Mary was born without sin. I've heard this before, and if true that would make a big difference between catholism and orthodoxy. Pikhrestos aftonf everyone Stephen
  • I love any hymn but i rekon my favrite is tenen
  • Im praying for all you guys and I ask God to strengthen us in all struggles, through the intercession of St. Mary
  • Thanks heaps Pray for me