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  • thebrain .....OY VEY!
  • um bishoy, don't u get it.... That post was a JOKE!!!. I think it was quite funny (great rhyming). Look at his other posts and you'll see that he's joking around and this is not his style of wirting. He's always so serious and now he's lightned up…
  • Side note....Bush should be capitalized because Bush is what we call a proper noun in the english language. It is not a matter of whether or not he is worth it; it is simply a matter of being grammatically correct and using the mechanics of english…
  • I don't see why you care so much... But hey, I have nothing more to say... so, let's just call it a thread!
    in Abortion? Comment by mmhanna June 2004
  • Don't get all angry just yet. Actually, hard feeling are kind of common here... take a look around. lol But if you feel like you want to learn more... stick around. If you don't it is totally up to you. You know best about yourself. However, if …
    in Abortion? Comment by mmhanna June 2004
  • Don't be so rude to her defender!! you don't like it when people are rude to you... we all know this from the past.
    in Abortion? Comment by mmhanna June 2004
  • Wow, thanks, that was a great explanation. It makes a lot of sense when someone spells it out for you ;D
    in Fasting Comment by mmhanna June 2004
  • Yeah, how is that? I know that fish is a symbol of christianity, but I don't know how or why that came to be. What is the correlation?
    in Fasting Comment by mmhanna June 2004
  • But it's not something that should be wrong. It may be hard, that's granted, but it can be a very altruistic thing to do for an orphan or abandoned child. I think that it can also be hard for the adoptive parents because they will take a child into…
    in Abortion? Comment by mmhanna June 2004
  • Thanks Matt, that is a really good answer and very convincing.
    in Fasting Comment by mmhanna June 2004
  • So technically, because I detest hamburgers, i should eat them during the fast?? I don't think anyone would take me seriously if I did.. don't you think? And why did the pope allow fish instead of dairy?
    in Fasting Comment by mmhanna June 2004
  • [quote author=Epsaltos Michael link=board=1;threadid=222;start=15#msg5333 date=1088437971] Hey guys, Sorry for starting the other thread I forgot we already have one, Anyways, I do not seriously believe in raping because I think you should be able …
    in Abortion? Comment by mmhanna June 2004
  • I don't know.... maybe the simple fact that there isn't anything from the bible that really supports OR REJECTS aliens perse, we cant really judge..... but I for one can definately speculate ;D
    in Aliens Comment by mmhanna June 2004
  • God help her
  • [quote author=Michael_Thoma link=board=1;threadid=369;start=30#msg5148 date=1088367570] Sometimes I think we DO love when we are young, but we don't take all things into consideration... for those who have been in relationships: When I was 18, I wa…
  • It's just kind of important to remember that film makers have a way of misrepresenting things and being inaccurate (on purpose). I haven't seen it yet, so i'm not going to talk about it specifically, but I have seen "Bowling for Columbine". I thou…
  • The way I see it is that there MUST be something else out there (in terms of life). God created soo many galaxies and universes...Earth is just a tiny insignificant spec (relatively). I don't understand why he would have made all those other galax…
    in Aliens Comment by mmhanna June 2004
  • ARE YOU KIDDING ME????!!! I've been gone for a while.... but 17 PAGES???
  • Is it just me, or is this place starting to sound like a "Dear Abby" column, lol. Don't get upset; I’m not trying to be mean or anything ;D
  • but then maybe marraige can ensue..... of course if marraige is the aim... and by crush I guess it's probably not....
    in crush!! Comment by mmhanna June 2004
  • just wondering, why did u tell on them? Was their cheating directly hurting you?... or did u just want to have the highest grade in the class or something?
    in Cheating Comment by mmhanna June 2004
  • what thats all? lol.... very nice pictures. I love the ones with St. Mary. They always make her look so beautiful.
    in picture Comment by mmhanna June 2004
  • I used to post a while back and stopped when I realized how ridiculous some people were being. I personally think that Mark and Marys speak in a refined and eloquent manner which makes them sound educated and knowledgeable in their discussions. If…
    in picture Comment by mmhanna June 2004
  • Aside from all of our common coptic saints which everyone mentioned, I LOVE St. Theresa. No one really knows about her because she is a catholic saint, but I don't think that really matters. Her story is wonderful....look it up.
  • ok, I've tried my hardest to ignore this discussion because of its ridiculous redundancy, but I must say one more thing. We all know that our parents disapprove of "dating". I really don't give a hoot what the dictionary defines dating as, especia…
  • lol Banoub, your answers are always so vague. How about we hear more of your ideas, rather than if somone has just stated a "good point" lol..... Try to say more in that sense. God Bless ;D
    in Abortion? Comment by mmhanna May 2004
  • lol, wow, that was too funny.
  • Let me just restate that I am overall against abortion. I would like to hear some more opinions as well.
    in Abortion? Comment by mmhanna May 2004
  • YEAH! now we have 2 people!
  • I must be the only person the voted not OK. I must say, I am surprised!