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  • In the Name of Christ the Lord. Amen. Well I definietly think it is a weird cult. Here are the basics about the mormons. They believe that the Bible was corrupted over time (God forbid). It all started with Joseph Smith a son of a gold miner who …
  • Yes they can. I have never heard of such a rule that Bishops should abstract from taking confessions from females. HOWEVER, I do know that it is more favourable to confess to a Priest about family problems and such because he would be more understan…
  • I alos think whever the Church was started is not all that necessary. In fact, that's one thing I disagree on with Catholics; they think Rome is the "holy place". Mike
  • All of these readings are so fresh in my brain, first of all I read the revelation part in Abo Ghalamsees and I also read the Pauline in the Easter Mass. Mike
  • Ya, the koran is porbably a very complex work made by lucifer to reply to the Bible, it's like the lucifer religion. Mike
  • Hummm, can I get somebody to assure me this isn't a real prophecy? Mike
  • Welcome! My name's Michael Mike
  • It was awesome today, they speaker phoned us and said that white smoke has come out of the vatican, cangratulations a new pope has been chosen...May he reign for another 100 years... Mike
  • Iqbal, I really consider you a very trusted source and always look forward to see your point of view on things...May God bless you and keep you in His Name forever...God bless...Mike
  • For some reason I think his name is Abaskharyoun... I'm prob. wrong tho... Mike
  • Oh man, If I got a comment like that I would probably kill the person who said it...jk jk When I was in Egypt people would say stuff similar t that, but I would start freaking out and yell at them real hard...ya, I'm kinda a bit sensitive with that…
  • Well, my favourites for guys would be: Matthew, Mark and David For girls: Madonna and Mariam
  • Hey guys, According to my limited information, Easter in the Coptic Church is celebrated one week after the Jewish Passover so that we wouldn't celebrate it at the same time. This date is the most accurate, even more accurate than the Gregorian one…
    in Easter Comment by mike_henain March 2005
  • We have 65 yebarek... Mike
  • Wow, Mina, that is very true. The concept of monstacism is very hard, if you feel you want to become a monk are that you will "defienietly" become a monk then the devil will bombard you with ideas that will change your mind and make you immune to th…
  • I know arabic, yet I would like to learn Coptic, because after all Coptic is our real language. Mike
  • Hey guys, Psalmist I really liked that. I believe that we are just guests of that House, and hopefully sons too, but in both occasions we are under the Master of the House, we eat His Flesh and Blood uin His House under His protection and we are Hi…
  • Hey Crem...etc., Well I do believe that the protestant church is trying to make Chritianty easier for people but is this really right? The Bible assures us that without deeds faith is dead and without faith, deeds are dead. Protestants have succ…
  • LOL, awesome Mark! That kinda reminds me of my grandma, holy snap, she wears like 7 layers of clothes and always feels! Ya, so back to the topic. I never heard about that, I know that we make a sign of a Cross when we yawn because you k…
  • Devil: " God gave you a brain to use it. What good is your free will if you shelter yourself from the rest of the world?" My point exactly. Watch out, the creature of years of experience is after us, and only God can save us. Mike
  • Hey guys, Beshoy, these are the exact words I try to tell all those who like arguing about verses a lot. There's a quote said in Egypt that says something like this: The simple men shall ascend to the heavens while the philosophers debate on earth.…
  • As wasim always says: "there's a diffrence between liking some1 and getting used to some1 so you think you like them..."
    in love Comment by mike_henain March 2005
  • Devil: "you're educated, man! Who cares? read the book, it might be intresting"
  • I guess that's where the name comes from....Short Message God bless you greatly.... Mike
  • Remember that when Christ was tempted in the wilderness, He was tempted by the Bible, and by the Word, the devil can take a verse and convince you that it supports your lust and make you lose.... Be careful, the devil is of thousands of years of ex…
  • Well this satisfies the question I guess... Mike
  • Hey guys, I was talking to Abouna and I mentioned the book and how I wanted to read it and he said that if it attacks the Church, it's like any other book that does, it's a waste of time...he advised me not to waste my time reading it but rather do…
  • In the Name of our Lord Christ, I agree with pretty much everybody, man is an incomplete being, with a very low understanding. We cannot recieve such truism easily, and that is where faith comes in. Faith is the belief in things not seen, the belie…
  • I would probably think that conversion of nature is not the issue but genetically modifing nature is total corruption... Mike
  • One piece of advise, if you're not in Uni or college, think seven times before telling her u like her, after all, this might turn out very badly, not every one is mature, you know. However I would reccomend that you wait a while until you have rea…
    in love Comment by mike_henain March 2005