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ok i know this is going 2 sound like a ridiculus question, but y do we say "God bless you" when someone sneezes?
and idk if this is true either but someone told me recently that we're not supposed 2 say "God Bless you"to abouna when he sneezes? is this true.....
i appreiciate ur help
God Bless u all! :-*


  • Because its a belief and not a myth that when someone snezes or opens their mouth to yaqn that Satan can enter their body. Thus we say God Bless you to rebuke satan when someone sneezes and do the sign of the corss on our mouths when we yawn to prevent satan from entering. (I know its sound like a myth but its not)
  • “When you sneeze that’s your soul trying to get out and saying god bless you crams it back in”
    -Bart Simpson

    I have heard a number of reasons why people say God bless you. The one I most commonly hear is because it takes a great deal of effort to sneeze. Think of how deleterious it can be if you sneeze when you are really sick. It really takes a lot out of you. So I always thought it was meant to say God bless your health; that’s what I was told anyway. Psalmist’s assertion sounds like it could be true also.

    However, God bless you is only said in America. In Egypt SOMETIMES a Muslim will say “yarhamakoo allah” when somebody sneezes; but even that’s rare. Usually the only comment you’ll get from sneezing in Egypt is “fee eh? Inta ha ta3ya? Ilbis jakitta!”

  • LOL, awesome Mark! That kinda reminds me of my grandma, holy snap, she wears like 7 layers of clothes and always feels cold..lol!

    Ya, so back to the topic. I never heard about that, I know that we make a sign of a Cross when we yawn because you kind of ope your mouth to the satan and the world's desiers....

  • u noe, i always thought it was your soul escaping...i don't actually believe that, but that's why i thought ppl said it...

    I only say it to my brothers, parents, sometimes my peers...but even when i say it to my peers, it feels weird..

  • Psalmist quotes, "Because its a belief and not a myth that when someone snezes or opens their mouth to yaqn that Satan can enter their body."

    ^i heard this as well, however, i also heard that its because when you sneeze, your heart stops beating for a split second, and it is believed that your soul may not be able to live had your heart stopped beating longer than it should, so ppl would say 'bless you' because they hope that God will protect you from loosing your life
  • yeh i have heard that too, when you sneeze your heart stops and to say God Bless You meaning like if that person dies or something may God Bless That person or also its like God Bless that you are still here, this is from what i am told
  • wow i never thought about y we say it
    lol that was funny mark
    well yes wen u sneeze everything stops but umm i heard when you yawn you do the sign of the cross so other people dont do it and get distracted during the mass or whatever you are at.
    i dunno this part of the werld is weird i tell ya

    by the way isnt it onli belss u not God bess u
  • but y r we not supposed 2 say "God bless u" 2 abouna when he sneezes?
  • i don't get it
  • lol,
    you Guys crack me up, I like this topic.
    This reminds me of a story about the pope. He had a meeting with a non-orthodox clergy and during the meeting, the pope sneezed, so that person went on to say "God Bless You". The pope looked at him, smiled and said in a joking manner "You don't bless the pope!" and he laughed.

    OneinChrist, think about it this way, whenver a higher ranking officer (in the army for example) is present, the lower ranking ones don't give orders, etc.... Same thing here. If there is a bishop or a priest present, they are the ones to give the blessing. Also, if you are in a gathering were there is a preist and a bishop, if the Bishop sneezes, you won't see the priest going "God Bless you" or even if you sneeze, the priest won't say it because the bishop is there.
    I hope this makes it clearer a bit.
    (Just my 2 cents)
  • i get....haha....im slow like that, thanks everyone :-*
  • Slightly off topic. I don't know if it is like this everywhere, but in New York very few people say "God Bless You" anymore. Most abbreviate it to "Bless You." This has always bugged me. Are they ashamed of mentioning God's name? Who is actually doing the blessing if not God? It just really annoys me!!! >:(
  • Are they ashamed of mentioning God's name?

    no, they are just being nice, and not offending the people that are recieving the blessing. maybe that person is a hindu, a muslim, a what ever that dont believe in "God"
  • its got to do with the bubonic plag (the black death) which swept through Europe in the 14th centuary-when someone who was infected was about to die they would go into a sneezing fit, and that was a sign that death was near, so wen that wood hapn everyone wood run up to the person and say "God bless you" "God bless you" "God bless you" "God bless you" as the person was about to die...thats why we say it today.
  • dont be embarresed, if any1 sneezes i say bless you of god bless you automatically, i'm just used to it like that... :-\
  • why do we say bless you or god bless you???
  • sandra, the past 2 pages explain that...
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