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  • i dont agree, circumstances in Jesus time, and even in Moses's time are the same as here, whether it be homosexuality, murder, drugs, alcohol

    australia is the same as america u guys just have diff weather and diff accents and ur toilets flush the other way, unless u guys are less corrupt but i doubt it since u get most of ur background from Britain who knows no censorship and are much more bold in their approach to wrong doing
  • :oIbra, you have a chance to learn Coptic and you throw it away!!!??! :o :o

    lol, I wish I could learn speaking Coptic, hey guys I know how to say my first line in Coptic: Tee Owsh em bi Owsh Khen bi Gowm, Tee Gow embi Gow Khen bi Gowm

    AWESOME! I'm so happy guys!

  • now do u wanna tell us what that means? lol
    but i agree with Mike.... i mean Coptic is an AWESOME language and if it was up to me.... i'd revive it.... but the truth is, is that its not up to me and i dont call the quits around here.. but how great it would be if we were just ABLE to revive it! i mean.... wow!

    as for going to a coptic school... i dont c how much different it could possibly be.. whether in australia or america or russia! i mean, uniforms are the same, im sure the teachers are one of the top... or have high degrees etc.. and if nything, the cirriculums would be the same as the local district
    so if you could plz elaborate and give us a wider view of coptic schools in australia or america.. living on the east coast... we are very 'proud to be COPTIC!' ;) but if anything, its our weekly visit to church that makes us coptic, not much more
  • Words of wisdom, SMS, very true and realistic and that's why I wanna learn Coptic...

    Ok, from what I think, what is said is:

    I read the lesson in the book and I sing the chant in the book...

    awesome, eh?

    I learned that using the "The Way" program...

    God Bless whoever made it...

  • not to b rude or anything
    like i go wit ibra yes we r proud 2 b Copts
    i am from Australia 2 n i no wat she is talkin bout, yes it does make a big difference which country wateva bcoz ppl r different and have different ways of organising things

    by the way where r u gonna use coptic bsides the church i only like it bcoz ob da hymns
    ye by the way egytony how u sed bout environments no affence to any1 n im not pointing it out 2 any1 but u c, that stuff is everywhere, just coz its a coptic skool doesnt mean no-one does it, they get that bad i heard very discusting stories from one of our coptic skools but ye, like i go 2 a protestant skool ppl smoke in class in my yr, o mayb i shood go to the coptic skool where they wont have any ob that of coarse they do ppl r ppl and ur not gonna change it bcoz of the name of the skool

    sorry if i offended any1 and if u couldnt understand it but ye i agree with Ibra n im not meaning to b rude
    thats ur opinions n i respect that

    GB nardin
  • k nardin plz i beg u.. can u write normal english?!!! haha

    its just hard to understand ur writing..

    but i must say there are not only coptic people who attend coptic schools... there's also non-copts that attend.. like from asia, africa and canada...

    so coptic schools is not only for copts and not only to learn coptic.. learning coptic in coptic schools is more of an advantage rather than ok so what r we gona do with it ...

    but seeing u and someone else here has the same experience about coptic schools in aussie then, maybe the situation is different ...
    hope everythign works well in the future with God's blessings..

    take care from up above
  • maybe i totally missed something here
    but someone enlighten me...plz
    whats the difference between a coptic school and a public school?
  • the diffrence is that Coptic schools are based on God and public schools are based on man's teaching...

  • noooooo really?
    lol jp
    i mean likewise acadamics or strictness, etccc
  • lol, well wat kinda question is that neways...

  • theyre different in environment, strictness, the grace of God (When 2 or 3 are gathered IN MY NAME i will be in the midst of them), the differences go on and on
  • [quote author=egytony link=board=1;threadid=413;start=30#msg6552 date=1089449554]
    theyre different in environment, strictness, the grace of God (When 2 or 3 are gathered IN MY NAME i will be in the midst of them), the differences go on and on

    k so what you r trying to say to us egytony tthat in piublic skools 1 person attends class the grace of God (When 2 or 3 are gathered IN MY NAME i will be in the midst of them), the differences go on and on
    that happenes everywhere God is always with us or r u trying to say to us he is only with us at coptic skools can i ask u a question do u go to a coptic skool if u do good 4 u if u dont wateva u go to did u ever have times of struggles God was there and probably helped u coz he was there God is with us everywhere c i go to a protestant skool i have the worst times there and Gos is with me and helps me get out of it and i also wear a cross so i dont 4get that

    no affence but you will neva eva say a coptic skool is bad unless u go to one or wateva

    u no ur wrong (not in a bad way)
    GB NArdin
  • Hi my name is Marianne, i am from Melbourne Australia. I attended the first coptic school in Melbourne, St. Marys Coptic Orthodox College and graduated in 1999. I was one of four graduates who completed my VCE at the school. I would like to share with you my experience, in response to discussions about intiating Coptic Schools in Canada, and sending your own children/future children to Coptic schools.

    My Coptic school experience was an adventure to say the very least and like all adventures it included obstacles and discoveries; struggle and triumph. It was an adventure which taught me to pay attention to the care of my soul, an adventure which challenged me to define and redefine my values. An adventure which dared me to find my place in the world. To me, school was not just about learning Algebra or Grammar, it was about learning about me. Me as an Australian, a Copt and a Child of God.

    I will be completely honest with you, I was not always too optimistic about the idea of attending St. Mary's Coptic Orthodox College. I thought I was too "cool" a 12 year old to do so. How wrong was I? On my first day at the Coptic School I went to school on the "big white bus", as it was then known and the whole way there I was determined to be as stubborn a child as I could be. I got to school with my face in a frown, my eyebrows tense and I was ready to be resentful. As the day went on it became more and more difficult because I realized everyone in my class ate "molukhya", had an Agbeya and went to church every Sunday too. The Arabic and Coptic teachers certainly had those accents-this was not how i imagined Highschool to be!!! But-I got on the bus that afternoon and although I was not ready to admit it I realized I would probably never leave St. Mary's Coptic Orthodox College, because instinctively i knew i belonged at the Coptic School...

    As well as giving me a place to belong, St. Mary's gave me a shelter. It was my cocoon, a place of warmth, protection and growth. Like a cocoon it sheltered me, protected me from all the elements. But in doing so it helped me grow the wings I needed so that I could fly and face the society and the challenging times ahead at uni....

    It lead me into the world with more than just Maths and Science. It provided me with the greatest education anyone could ask for. The difference between when I started high school and now is that I have acquired a growing sense of my own authenticity as a person. I was taught self-respect, forgiveness of myself and others, patience, kindness but above all faith. Faith in myself, my school and faith in God. Now being in university, I realize and appreciate what St. Mary's taught me. Contrary to popular belief, (which resonates around Australia too) that St. Marys had us sheltered, it really did prepare me for the "real world".

    At St. Marys there was always someone to listen without judgment, someone to stop me dead in my tracks before I dared go any further with my rebellious ways. Someone to acknowledge we all made mistakes and we must learn from them, someone to believe that I, although small and seemingly insignificant, am important. That I have a place in the world to call my own, a gift to share with the universe that is uniquely mine. There was always someone to walk in front of me and guide me out of a dead end, someone to walk beside me and guide me in case I turned around and someone to walk beside me and be my friend.

    When I was lost and confused I was redirected and when I was lonely I was loved. Every time I slackened my momentum there was someone to push me that little bit further. There was always clarification, always a purpose and always love. I don't believe anyone here tonight honestly believes any other school can give a person so much........It was a Family! (And telling Arabic jokes, everyone you knew identified with the 'tabla' and unique egyptian was really like being within a family..)

    It did not come without its challenges.. the general community were cynical and scared with many students happily feeding these fears. I was not always optimistic myself. As a result many parents and students claimed other educational institutions were better at educating their children.

    Personally, I was told on numerous occasions that St. Mary's wouldn't get me anywhere. I would fail to succeed. I was told it was a waste of time and truthfully at times I thought it partly justified. I won't deny there were times of anguish and desperation.
    But, what system is totally infalliable...despite some of the challanges of being the "guinea pigs" and first group to pass through the was a place where we could express our fears, as well as
    my hopes and dreams and in doing so enhance the possibility of their realization. I can honestly say I
    would not be where I am today if it were not for St. Mary's......There is a unique blessing in having been there..

    I think whether or not we are students of Coptic Schools, we should do our utmost to support them...It is a work of God, and the schools across the globe need the support of the Coptic community at large. We need to pray for their continued success....have faith in their ability to provide sound academic education as well as a rich and deep teaching of our goes beyond Sunday school. At the Coptic school....the faith is lived everyday...Coptic schools do stand out as different and materialistically modest but they are so spiritually rich.

    If you have the opportunity to attend one, please do...or send your children to one...You will experience growth and come to know yourself, your world and what you stand for better. You like me will be left with a spiritual spin and a huge grin on your face as you reminisce those exhilarating, memorable times.

    So many things i could tell you many funny and cheeky stories...all so fondly remembered! The opportunity to meet with HH Pope Shenouda at his visits to the school, the chance to meet every visiting Bishop to Melbourne...we had a very unique seat in the community-front row all the time! Some other things about the school were uniqually Eqyptian and being the only canteen in town to sell "belila" in the canteen!

    Five years on from the Coptic school and ready to graduate Law at the end of the year, im thankful to have been given the opportunity to reflect again on my experience. I am always invited back to school to see its progress..and they have come so far from the humble days when i was there! St. Marys school in Melbourne now rates as one of the best private independant schools, each year producing students in the top well as that it produces leaders in the Coptic community. Most school leavers..go on to serve in thier churches, never wanting to leave the deep affiliation with our Coptic Orthodox roots, that is permanently implanted in us..

    I pray that one day Canda will be able to enjoy such an exprience....and i pray for the continued success of Coptic Schools around the world. Thank You for taking the time to read this...
    God Bless.
  • :) hi welcome
    yes that was very nice but how RARE do u find that
    u sed u graduated in 1999 do u no how much stuff happend like trend and fashion it has been what 5 rs since. stuff changed lots
    by the time your kids grow up there probably wont b any coptic skools as i rote a bove ppl smoke during class i dont go to a coptic skool but soon youll find that everywhere

    GB Nardin
  • nardin lol seriously whats the problem, khalas u dont like Coptic school i beg u NOT to go do us all a favor, however for those who like the idea stop being so negative about it because ur giving me weird explanations lol when ur at a public school THERE IS NO PRAYER the verse about 2 or 3 gathered in His name refers to prayer and a Coptic School revolves around our faith, i see nothing wrong with putting my kids in an environment where they can learn and be exposed to our church every day, nothing is perfect everything has good and bad sides so im not saying its a utopian society but its benefits outway its negatives so im sorry ur mad at the world however i like the idea i think its a blessing even if it does have bad sides =)
  • I just have a comment on what Marianne (mkhalil) posted before....I think that was an amazing dedication to her Coptic School. It really was touching what she said, and because of her words, I myself am now praying to God I can have such an experience in such a Coptic School here in the US.

    Emmanuel our God: is now in our midst: with the glory of His Father: and the Holy Spirit.

    - Chris
  • [quote author=Coptic Defender link=board=1;threadid=413;start=30#msg6500 date=1089414068]
    the diffrence is that Coptic schools are based on God and public schools are based on man's teaching...


    i'm kinda havin some mixed feelings about coptic schools....maybe those who have attended them can clear some up

    first of all, i live in canada and attended a catholic high school. by attending this catholic high school, the teachings were still revolved around God, and suprisingly, there were not totally based on Catholic teachings. reigion classes consisted of world religions and learning about family life and what not. so it wasn't too bad..

    we were definatley not sheleted....we had ppl from all races and religions times it seemed scarce to find a catholic person in the school because it was so diverse. i realize that there will be ppl of other races and religions attending these private coptic school, but i'm assuming not very many. by the time these kids graduate their not going to be very open-minded as i see it, and most of us live in countries where u need to be.

    i don't mind my sunday school teachers, but i just can't seeing them teaching me at would be akward and uncomfortable to me....also, as stupid as this may sound, i'd feel really under pressure going to school with the kids my mom compares me too :-[ lol thats the truth'd be really competitive
    and then like every sunday ur parents can have teacher/parent confrences??? thats messed.....or better yet, when ur mom is doing her daily gossip, she can just call ur teacher and find out!! ( i do realize some of the teachers are not copts)

    i think its great that they will get to learn coptic/egyptian values, but thats all they will learn and i'd hate to break it to u, but we are no longer in the motherland! soically, i think u need to be exposed to a more diverse culture.
  • lol sorry egytony coz u no ur rong n i am rite na jkz
    and mtm that is true its what the its the way the school organises things
  • [quote author=FULLY RELY ON GOD link=board=1;threadid=413;start=45#msg6619 date=1089531075]
    lol sorry egytony coz u no ur rong n i am rite na jkz
    and mtm that is true its what the its the way the school organises things

    ??? ??? ??? ???

    some innocent advice, dont drink and type.... im just kidding but thats mighty incoherent, or maybe im not in the 'slang loop'

  • ASM, ur hiliarious,

    but hey that's kinda mean, Nardin, can you PLEASE type normally because it's getting on everybodys nerves, esp. me, I'm getting a bad headache from all the staring at the screen trying to understand what you are saying...

    However just like you don't like me saying 'my bad' and I consider that and don't say it anymore since it bothers you, I ask you to please write in normal english rather than slang,

    but whatever you decide to do is Ok with me.. ;D

  • [quote author=Coptic Defender link=board=1;threadid=413;start=45#msg6787 date=1089699852]
    ASM, ur hiliarious,

    but hey that's kinda mean, Nardin, can you PLEASE type normally because it's getting on everybodys nerves, esp. me, I'm getting a bad headache from all the staring at the screen trying to understand what you are saying...

    However just like you don't like me saying 'my bad' and I consider that and don't say it anymore since it bothers you, I ask you to please write in normal english rather than slang,

    but whatever you decide to do is Ok with me.. ;D


    Sorry i guess it came out ruder then intended, i was kidding... sorry :'(

  • [glow=red,2,300][/glow] ;D
    sorry people instead of soz pplz ok but u cant say my bad or else ill write slang

  • i dont even think that was slang lol

  • Coptic schools are indeed very useful for our kids. They
    let them more close to the church, especially when their
    parents can rarely go. Also they have good environment
    in which they grow. We are in great need for such schools
    We have to encourage them for the future. Coptic schools
    will be under control from all especially the Bishob.

  • i guess you have a point, there are some coptic kids who are growing up without the advantages we may have all had. And maybe this is a chance to reach out to those that otherwise would lose this chance. markbotros, i can see what you mean and although i'm not for the idea in the case of myself and for my future children maybe its not a bad idea for those who want it. and i can tell that many people wish there were more Coptic schools. It has its advantages and disadvantages!


  • Thanks for the reply. But what disadvantage you meen?
  • Disadvantages include:

    - Being sheltered from other cultures
    - Limited socialization with the 'outside world'
    - Inabilty to adapt all teachings to the 'modern society'
    - Possible behavioural patterns that result from being 'battered' with continual mixed messages

    The list goes on, in my eyes... i see he advantages no doubt but im my mind i want my kids to experience life in this country including school. But i went to youth meetings and saturday and friday and tuesday church days when i was a kid. they taught us alot, and i think that this is more then enough. [glow=red,2,300]WHat if the kid ends up hating the religion because they hated the school??[/glow]


  • How you have got these disadvantages and you got that
    conclusions as if you made a research and you followed
    the kids from the begining to the end.
    You also afraid that the kids may hate their religeon for
    they hate the school. What happens in these coptic
    schools that make them hate their religeon, and you
    noticed that? Any how they may hate their religeon for
    other purposes encluding the house, the scioty,etc....
    Dear: any person in his life is much affected in the house
    rather in anything else which are great. you also know
    that clearly from the Bible as Moses in His early life with
    His mother. Anyhow thank you too much, PL: pray for me.

  • i think it would be awesome to attend a coptic school only because u'd have fellow copts to go to school with... and you'd learn coptic values and 'culture' i guess u can say
    but i wouldnt want to go to one only because i look forward to going to church on friday nights for youth meetings and prayer meetings and i look forward to the mass each sunday, be it at any church... but i wouldnt want that to happen EVERY SINGLE DAY of my life..... so i c where both sides here are coming from... besides all the 'advantages and disadvantages' that we keep on listing on and on
    it's like any regular public high school... any coptic school.. the experience u gain from it is what u make it out to be
    if u hear from the beginning that coptic schools aren't good.. then you're gonna look for the bad in it...if u hear its good, then ur gonna look for the good in it...
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