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Hey everyone, I was reading a thread where one of the members mentioned they used to go to the Coptic School in Australia. I know we have a Greek Orthodox school in Los Angeles, but why don't we have any Coptic schools? I had heard that Australia has them, but we don't have them here in the US or Canada. Personally, I don't that's fair, because I would have LOVED to attend a Coptic/Greek Orthodox school if given the opportunity. I was just telling my mother the other day that in the future I'd move to LA just to put my kids in the Orthodox school over there. I'd really like to hear your opinions and share your experiences on this one. Thanks everyone.


  • I personally don't think the idea is a very good one, although it would teach coptic values and what not. I think that the children are sheltered from the realities of the society and thus after gradeschool there is a huge culture shock... but thats just my 2cents
  • WOW, I never thought of it like that! But you know, I used to go to a Catholic elementary school before moving to California, and it was MUCH worse than the public elementary school I had attended previously. But I guess it just depends on the environment, right? I still think we should have more Orthodox schools.
  • The thought of putting my future (God willing) kids in a orthodox school scares me. I have an image of my sunday school teachers teaching... old school egyptians with those accents that we all like to laugh at... ;) kidding... but in all honesty i wouldnt have wanted to goto a orthodox school, we fight to be taken seriously and to be seen as normal citizens then ask to have a then have our own school... just doesnt click but what do i know :)

  • yea I would've loved to go to one. It starts out your life knowing christ rather than learning later.
  • hay servantofjesus

    trust me u wouldnt weant 2 go we got like 4 in sydney n its like worse dan public skools just as bad n ppl do da same stuff n most of them dun even give bout religion

    not worth it
  • Well I think there should be yet they must be very strong to protect their students..

  • just wondering,
    why just US/cannada, there is other places u know e.g. Australia, it is an issue in our country.

    I reckon coptic schools are good because they protect our children from some bad outside influence

    On the other hand, there could be just as bad inside influence

    What tends to happen is that the coptic schools end up being egyptian schools, so you dont get to interact with people from other races, that is why i go to a catholic school, we got lebanese, asian, eurpoian (commonly known as WOGs) and so on.
    In the workforce, unforunatly you cant choose who you work with.
  • wow nardin.. :) i never thought of it like that but it really depends on the environment i guess
  • Well I think Coptic Schools should be open to Christians of diffrent denominations as well so we can be ministering to them slowly and secretly, u know what I mean?

    And we'd be protecting them from all the crud around the drugs, murder, homosexuality, etc.

  • hey peet, i was talking abt north america in general, the united states and canada. i meant, why cant we have more coptic/orthodox schools in north america. egypt is full of em, so's the land down under, so why not us, u kno? that's all i meant by that. you guys are so awesome, i love what you have to say!
  • Actually we do have one in Canada...its part of my veronia christian brother just graduated from it...its in toronto and a part of st george and st ruiess coptic orthodox church
    here's the url:

    c ya
  • Hey I am from the Church of the Virgin Mary and St. Athanasius in Mississauga, Ontario in Canada.. and our church has a school in it called

    Philopateer Christian College.. and its from gr 1 till 8

    I will get more information soon..
  • [quote author=unconditional_love link=board=1;threadid=413;start=0#msg6105 date=1089145670]
    Hey I am from the Church of the Virgin Mary and St. Athanasius in Mississauga, Ontario in Canada.. and our church has a school in it called

    Philopateer Christian College.. and its from gr 1 till 8

    I will get more information soon..

    I used to be a member of that Church, but I have to admit the school was kinda bad, it needs some improvement. wouldn'tu agree??

  • used to be a member?

    kinda bad? lol

    the school has been opened for a couple of yrs now.. its till new..

    maybe u have it mixed up with some other school..

    m not sure what your talkin about sorry..
  • used to be a member of the CHURCH until I moved last year..

  • :o

    wow.. then i must know you!! for sure!!

    cept i cant recall ur face.. i know ur name though!! WOW kool

  • u do, cool...

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  • theres a coptic school in Nashville, Tennessee
    i think its an awesome idea, u get to pray the agpeya and go to liturgy and then its an awesome evangelism idea for our church since at the school in nashville some americans send their kids to it
  • Dang, everybody here has at least one Coptic school around them. We have one Greek Orthodox school in Los Angeles that like ALL the Egyptians put their kids in, and yet no Coptic one! AH, what I wouldn't give to have gone to a Greek Orthodox school. SIGH, it's too late now. Whateva. Anyways, it's 1 am here and I gotta get to work at 6. Hehe. YALLA, Beace out ya beebol.
  • DANG, we have absoloutley NO Orthodox schools in our whole frikkin PROVINCE!!!

  • we dont have ANY coptic schools in the whoel state i dont tihnk.. new yorkers anyone?
  • Yea, right here. No there's no Coptic Schools anywhere on the East Coast as far as I know. I mean Coptic Schools as in elementary, middle, and high schools - not the theological schools/colleges that some deakons and priests go to to study.

    And who will declare it to my Lord: He is the Lord: Who hears those who cry to Him.

    - Chris
  • What is a Coptic School supposed to do exactly? Instill better morals and values in children? Help them learn about their heritage and the Coptic language? This will definitely segregate Egyptians amongst America; which is not always a bad thing. But remember raising children begins in the home; and going to church every Sunday should be a part of the household routine. But I dont necessarily think a Coptic School will shield and protect children from the rest of the world "out there." Not really realistic since eventually they have to go to college anyway. Bottom line: parents instill values, schools can only do so much, would just hate to see people become disappointed if the outcome is not what was expected.
  • i agree about the parents instilling morals and values.. however children spend more time at school than they do at home.. and even the least time in church .. so an orhtodox school would be an advantage to children's upbringing.. because you would still be shielding them from stuff thats "out there" in public schools..
    what is better to try and shield them or to disregard the whole issue?
  • I myself think it's an awesome idea, and if I by any chance get So rich that I can afford building a Church and a Coptic School I will...

  • i live in Australia n there are a few coptic schools. I dont go to one, i go to a catholic school. But personally i dont want to go to a coptic school. The coptic schools are accually worse then your generall public school.
    The difference between coptic schools and other schools are pretty much only the teachers (like abounas teach classes) and that they learn coptic as one of their lanuages.
    its not worth it going to a coptic school.
    but thats just my opinion.

    God Bless
  • if the church has something like a school why wouldnt u try and support it?

    u might not send ur kids there but dont put it down, its a blessing to be at our church every day and i think a coptic school is a MUCH better environment than a public school and any catholic school around

    its enough they get taught by people who have OUR morals, not some teacher who might be atheist or a catholic priest who as far as recent times, could be raping children

    imagine kids having the blessing of going to a coptic liturgy and praying the agpeya before class every morning rather than going to a public school and watching kids smoke in the bathrooms in the morning, or whats better, teaching ur kids the value of the coptic liturgy of the catholic one?

    ill tell u what, lets say the coptic orthodox teachers arent "as good" as the others? Its God who is in charge regardless, "if the Lord has not built the house those who have built it have labored in vain", i bet u sending coptic kids to a school started by their church will have a better benefit than sending them to a public environment because we have faith that Christ is the one responsible for their future since ur sending them to His house and to an institution built upon Christs foundation, which is ultimately our goal for any environment we put ourselves in that includes our children

    so dont put down a beautiful thing, we should take pride in what our church does not put it down, u dont hear catholics putting down their schools or greek orthodox putting down theres, so why put down something thats approved and blessed by our Pope and better of all by Our Lord Jesus Christ?
  • Dont get me wrong, im not putting down coptic schools, at least i didnt mean to. All i was saying was dat i prefer not to go to a coptic school. Yes i agree that the environments are different but in a way there still the same.
    Not all catholic schools have priests as teacher and the recent rape incident is not a commom thing within catholic schools.

    God Bless
  • i dont agree that theyre the same at all actually, in Nashville the school is run by a principal who use to be a principal in catholic schools in texas and then converted to Orthodoxy, she runs her school with strict guidelines and the best thing about it, she teaches kids at a young age our faith and dogma, how to pray the agpeya and interpretations of the Bible from the Orthodox view, on top of which she has teachers who are certified (as much as possible) to teach subjects up to 7th grade (i believe) i think its an awesome idea, i mean teaching kindergarden through 8th grade, the curriculums are there and can easily be adopted from even the best schools around, its the environment thats diff and what makes this such a blessing
  • egytony, iam assuming that you live in America? (corect me if iam wrong). But circumstances in Australia r very different to America.

    God Bless
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