Controversy of Fr. Zakaria's ministry



  • I haven't read most of the forum but regarding abouna zakeria in general,
    This man is bringing a lot of people to Christ, so i feel like until our service brings that many people to Christ we have no place to speak. 
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    This is a message for the Admin who would not tolerate inside info provided by coptsabroad: 

    Please remove the under mentioned conversation from the forum. There is no need to make any comments on a removed comment, you could have contact coptsabroad privately explaining the reasons as opposed to making it a public issue. Removing it as an Admin, its OK but to say that you made it very clear is not accepted. We would therefore appreciate it if you would kindly delete our account from The letter that was published is not confidential, it was an answer to many queries relating to Fr. Zakaria. If you are one sided and you do not wish to participate in an open debate relating to the main topic Controversy of Fr. Zakaria's ministry, then it would have been more appropriate to delete the whole subject. We did not insult Fr. Zakaria we provided evidence of his Controversial ministry and the real reason why he was expelled from the Coptic Church. Copts are entitled to know the truth.
    If you consider yourself as a worthy Administrator you should have also deleted the following conversation dated 2005, why didnt you?

    HH Pope Shenouda III warned us many times against both Fr Zakaria and also Fr Makary Younan. In this partial audio file HG Bishop Bishoy frankly answers questions about this subject (in arabic):

    More about it in this site (see FAQ pages):
    same FAQ subject with text in arabic:

    Unfortunately, besides the unethical attacking style of Fr Zakaria, it is proven that they both made some Protestant teachings on many occasions; also Fr Zakaria made an alliance with the people providing the channel he is using right now.


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    We just hope this will end this never ending debate

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