Biblical names for kids

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If u were to have one child...and say u can choose its gender...who would u name him/her after. Remember it has to be a Biblical Character...and y that specific person??


  • can i t be a saint or just a biblical person?

  • lol

    i like the name levi but i think its a jewish name, yea an mark, i love the name mary an davids a kool name
    lol ive given u a long list sorri ;D
  • I would name my child David... in hope he would have the daviac covenant, and hope he is a poetic writer and artist like his father... lol

    But I don’t think that will happen.
  • uhm, matthew of course :P
    nah jk, i really like the names Jonathan and Nathan
    dont ask why ;D
  • well if its only Biblical names...

    For a guy...... Joshua!! i think that's such a nice name!
    and Aaron... that's a good name too

    For a girl.... hmmm... i think Rachel is a good name...

    but i've got a longer list for Christian names outside the Bible...

    take care and God bless

  • For a boy i would chose Johnathan, Adam or Joseph...i really like those names! For a girl i would choose Rebekah or Naomi...again, no real reason, i just really like those names and they happen to be in the Bible!!
  • I would have a son and name him Mark because I adore St. Mark so very much. Other names I like are Michael, Luke, and David :)
  • [move]Sarah [/move]
    sarah is the best name

    1. the name Sarah was once Sarai, but God changed (i forgot y tho)
    2. i know HEAPS of Sarahs, and they are the nicest ppls.
    3. Anba Danials Favourite PPLs are called Sarah... he sed that he loves all the Sarahs....LOL

    ok thats 4 cool reassons.... i dunno if i can think of more...
  • well Psalmist u didnt answer ur own question

    what biblical name would u give ur kids? lol

    take care and God bless
  • alright nutehead...i mean seeny....i mean crazy copt :P :P ;D :D.
    Boy: Timothy...youngest Bishop plus listen to what st. Paul tells him "Doen't let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in SPEECH, in LOVE, in FAITH, and in PURITY" (Tim 4:12)

    Girl: Hope, Joy or Faith...not so much names but Virtues nevertheless.

    But since you know me pretty well....u also know that i'd probably choose Cyril in the end for the boy. lol.
  • you are guys are gonna think im weird
    but i like the name nathanial
    its in the bible sumwhere in the gospels
    sorry i dont remember but i like it
    i also like josph and i like the normal nathan
    sorry if i was confusing



    BeShOy ;D
  • lol those are all good names, thank God no one said Mina. we already have enough of thoughs in this world. theres alot in my church atleast
  • if u ever visit the Mississauga Church bring a peppel with u...your bound to hit one of the following:

    Boys: MIna, Fady, Kyrillos
    Grils: Christine, Mariam

  • lol yeh although we dont have to many fady's, but MANY MANY mINAS AND kIROS.
  • crem.... same reaction as me NAOMI!!!!!!!!!!! that reminds me of an old grandma each time lyk sum gal in ma class named maomi looks like a grandma

    o yes psalmist hay joy get over heer now, youve been very bad hope, hay faith go to your room
    as if at least its not coke or buiscuit i think sum1 named their child lyk that a celeb. i dun care

    i wood choose even though im not but yer boy: mark (goo st mar) anthony (father of monks i love monasticm), paul (first hermit WOO YE) GEORGE (ST GEORGE ROXXXX) matthew sounds nice

    girls: ummmm. ok i dont no umm. rachel is nyc dont go anywhere near naomi sorri whoever sed it
    marina is ok coz i hav beutiful frends that r marinas umm jessica is that in the Bible??? umm mary, sarah, maggie is nice xept it reminds me of those mamee noodles, as if any eood call em nardin i dont lyk that it sound ugly o yes mira is nyc is that in the Bible?

    yes i am weird but i ant gonna hav children so yes my imagination can keep goin ;)

    GB ALL
  • you guys are crackiing me up. LOL its wierd how no one named Fady or Mina yet...I'm waiting to hear those names...WE ARE EGYPTIANS, ZAY R A MUST. lol
  • I would have to go with Petros. I just love Coptic / Greek names.
  • Well, my favourites for guys would be: Matthew, Mark and David
    For girls: Madonna and Mariam

  • [quote author=WWJD86 link=board=1;threadid=1378;start=15#msg22827 date=1112162454]
    lol yeh although we dont have to many fady's, but MANY MANY mINAS AND kIROS.

    we have tons of those
    espacially menas but all
    of the ones in are church are so hyper
    except 1 LOL
  • omgoodness u guys hav no sense in names watsoever

    FADY!! reminds me of sum1 fat and nerdy ;)
    MADONNA!! fatty and loner/nigel/ loser :D :D :D
    mina, too many :)
    ummm :-\
    get me more and ill commment on em lol

    GB ALL
  • frog ur so mean lol
    i like da names nathan an rachel
    u gona make fun of them
  • i would choose the names luke and Paul for the boy
    and for the girl Demiana and Nancy ;D
  • FROG...seriously i bet i could also twist ur name around in twisted kinda sounds awsome...such a cool name...although when i was a kid I always confused Nathaniel for Naphtalien :-\its true ::)
  • Well im not sure why but I like these names:
    For a boy: Jesse, George, Anthony and MAXIMOS Those are my favourite names for a boy.
    For a girl: I love the name Monica but thats my name lol ummm...
    The name Demiana is awesome. Or Marina, Hannah. Im not sure what else, i have to keep thinking.
    God bless!
    Irini Pasi!
  • definitely have to agree
    anthony, maximus, jeremiah. ever wondered what it would be like to be called habakkuk?

    girls are tougher to come up with though...
  • Oh i agree with you dany its hard to think of girl names and Maximos and anthony are awesome!
    Its soo cool with a name that not a lot of people have!
    Peace and God bless!
  • [quote author=Psalmist link=board=1;threadid=1378;start=15#msg22995 date=1112314856]
    FROG...seriously i bet i could also twist ur name around in twisted kinda sounds awsome...such a cool name...although when i was a kid I always confused Nathaniel for Naphtalien :-\its true ::)

    LOL hahahahahahahahah naphtalien ur a crak up go ahed twist my name i dont like it anyway lol
    maximus no affense reminds me of laxative dont ask also maximus glutios is that it?? something meaning behind lol
    stephanie no affense reminds me of peanauts lOL
    monica is very nice lol

    GB ALL
  • u guys crack me up so bad lol hehehee
  • u dunt need to lose ur last name...when u can't beat them...arange to have them beaten. lol J/ks...hyphenate or make ur last name is middle name...always a way to fool the system. hehe
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