• no actually i cheked the first other pages and they all work, o maybe im special :P nar but it works try again lol

    keep em cummin :)
    lol special thnx to u princessmary w8 adjustment queenmary lol thnx for posting us thos brilliant pics they r reelly beautiful :D

    GB ALL
  • Who is Fatima???

    BTW reaaaallly nice pics. :)

    God bless U.
  • thanks FROG :), i dont know about "queen" though, see we are all children of God, the heavenly King, so as children of a king, we are all princesses and princes :),

    Coptic Irini, Fatima is a place in Russia, where saint Mary appeared to 3 children Lucia, Francisco and Jucinta, in the year i think around 1910, and she did many miracles, the sun moved ( 1of the miracles), so many people there started to go back to churches, when they were at a time when many were far away from God, there was a movie about it called "Our Lady of Fatima"
  • this is great!!! yeah there should be more pages this would never stop!!!!! great job PrincessMary you have amazing pictures and they all get better and better!!!! god bless your heart PrincessMary!!!!!! keep it up!!!! and great job to who started FULLY RELY ON GOD!!!! god bless your heart!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;) :D ;D :) :D ;D :) :D ;D
  • thanks, you are all so kind :), God bless all of you, i enjoy every1's pictures as well :)
  • st mary & jesus
  • thQ for explaining :-* ;)
  • i need help. pages 1-72 the pics wont work but the rest are great
  • u r welcome Coptic Irini :)

    Coptic 101
    i believe the administrators had to delete them because they took too much space up, so they had to take them off, so that we could post more
  • thanks and god bless your heart!!!!!!
  • again i am amazed!!! keep it up!!!! :D
  • hey everyone .. GREAT JOB
    here is one more
  • those are awsome...keep it up!
  • this is awesome!!!! great job and god bless your heart! :D
  • thnx basketball :D

    i guess im the luky 1 then coz i can c all of them from 1 - whatever it was :)

    gr8 pics every1

    GB ALL
  • :D cool!!!!!!!!!!!
  • child praying
    i love this pic :)
  • awww thats cute :)
    gr8 pics keep em coming people :)

    GB ALL
  • that is really cute!!!! it feels like i want to cry now!! :'( :'( :'( :'( :'(!! it is really nice to!!!
  • what are you going to cry for?that was the cutest pic ever and also i like the jesus and ST, mary pic together!gosh
  • awwwwwwww, you guys I'm new here and I'm just seeing these pics for the first time.... Yea the first 72 are deleted but the rest are-without a doubt- beautiful... Princess Mary and every1 else, keep it up... I'm gonna try 2 paste some 2.... bye 4 now
  • you guys how do put pics on the site... i found some really nice ones but i cant but them on... I try copy-paste but it wont work
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