On the Matter of the 3 Liturgies

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I know there are probably other threads about this on this site, but I have some questions:
1- The Gregorian liturgy is "addressed" to the Son.. are the Basilian and Cyrillian liturgies addressed to the Father and Holy Spirit?
2- Why is the Cyrillian liturgy preferred during Lent?
3- Why are the Gregorian responses special (as in, they have their on special known tune)?
3.5- I know there are "long" and "short" responses for this liturgy. I know the short one and the one that continues almost like the Alleluia in Eulogimenoc.. Are there others?
4- Is there a specific reason the Basilian liturgy is the most common?

Pray for me.


  • 1 - The Bailian and Cyrillian are addressed to God the Father

    2 - Don't know :(

    3 - The Cyrillian, Gregorian and Basilian liturgies all have different tunes. Unfortunately, most of the Cyrillians tunes are lost. Thankfully we have retained the Gregorian and Basilian.

    3.5 - Kind of... so if you listen to the recordings by the Cantors, it's not like the Alleluia in Evlogimenos (the end of it sounds like Esmo Epchois). Also, the end of Kata To Eleos has an alternate ending.

    4 - I think it is most common for two reasons... it was originally prayed most of the time (i.e. outside of Lent and feasts), and it is the shortest one (the Gregorian tunes are very very long)
  • @tenoosht So neither the Basilian nor Cyrillian liturgies are addressed to the Holy Spirit?
  • Nope!

    Go ahead and read the words in them and you'll see. I chose some passages that make it very obvious but you can read almost any passage from the Divine Liturgies

    "O You, THE BEING, Master, Lord, God of Truth, being before the ages and reigning forever; who dwell in the highest and look upon the lowly; who have created the heaven, the earth, the sea, and all that is therein; the Father of our Lord, God and Savior Jesus Christ..."

    "O You, THE BEING, Master, Lord, God, the Father, the Pantocrator, at all times and in all places of Your dominion..."

    "You, who are THE BEING at all times, have come to us on earth. You have come into the womb of the Virgin."
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