Relationship problem, I need help

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I'm 27 years old male, working as an engineer, I have an internal wish to get married, but unfortunately I got engaged twice & God with his wisdom did not allow these to succeed. I'm feeling a bit depressed at the moment. Especially that my church is a very small church, & there are no girls in my church that I can get married to. I have very stable life, stable job etc, but sometimes I think about immigrating to another country with a bigger coptic community so that I can have more options etc. At the moment I'm extremely confused, I don't know which decision I should take, shall I stay in the same place waiting for the right girl to come, or emigrate to another country & start again from the beginning? I pray day & night about this problem, but I feel that I need socond opinions as well.




    haha just playing. What country are you in?
  • Surely you don't have to move to a different country to find Coptic girls?

    Why not just visit other churches in the area (I'm assuming there is more than one church in your country, if not forgive me)?
  • Thanks for your reply JG. Unfortunately the country that I'm living in is very small, it has only one Coptic Church. It is a very tough decision to make, I don't know what I should choose actually. Can you please pray for me? I need lots of prayers.
  • What's keeping you in the country you live in besides your job? Do you have family there?

  • Are there no other Orthodox Churches in the country?
  • i see 2 options:
    1. look for another orthodox church (greek, indian, ethiopian etc. etc.) some of them we are already in communion with, and most of the others will allow Holy Communion for a 'mixed' (oriental and eastern) orthodox couple.
    2. encourage your church to do more outreach - not just for the purposes of getting married (!) but if there are not many orthodox people around, that means the people are missing out on finding God. and this is serious.

    but also, (ask yourself this privately, don't reply publicly) are you ready to accept whatever is God's plan for your life? how is your spiritual life? when you fast and pray and read the Bible a lot and love God from deep inside yourself then your spiritual life becomes the most important, and you will find the strength you need to be a contented single person until that time when God leads you into marriage or monasticism.
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