Relationship Advice that my FOC gave me

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Hello guys,

I know this is the time that most people think about who they want to be with and start a relationship with that would lead to marriage.

So heres my story,

I recently liked a friend for 9 months. I knew that the did not like me but i honestly thought he was the right person fo rme to be with. I was confused to why i liked him and everybody told me i should get over him since nothing is going to happen. I talked to my FOC about him and he gave me great advice.

HE told me to put my feelings for him as a seed. The more i water the seed (or think about him), the more the seed grows and eventually becomes a plant. The plant symbolizes that you can not control your feelings about the guy (or girl). BUT, if you do not water those feelings, the seed would not grow into a plant and little by little the seed does not grow and slowly starts to disappear. I tried his advice and i have completly lost all of my feelings for teh guy. I am so glad i took my FOC's advice since i found out he likes somebody besides me. I did not water my seed and did not get hurt when i found out he liked somebody else since my seeds was already gone.

Hope that helps (:


  • Thanks for sharing! It's a very nice analogy. Will definitely keep it in mind.

    Keep me in Your prayers!
  • Thank you for this Simplycoptic.

    if you have noticed, I have recently had a similar problem with an ex-girlfriend of mine, where I still liked her but really had no rational reason for doing so.

    This advice will really help. :)

  • its not very easy to stop watering the plant the you've been watering for months though
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