• i think that u should ask him wutz wrong, but don't ask if he is gay. If he talks to u then he will tell u. but don't make any conclusions now. think about it for a while.
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    ok people i have good news
    i had a really good and lengthy chat with my cousin at the family gathering and, i dont think he was all that serious about the conversion, he was going through a phase and that the women in his life were giving him a hard time and that kinda brought him down because he started questioning his future (marriage) BUT he realises that what he was thinking was wrong and has sought confession from his foc and knows the consequences if such actions was purused and he really highlighted how he didnt want to disappoint his family or embarrass them

    so voila, thanks guys and gals for all your help   ;)

    wow I just read this thread and I think he lied to you!! because you pretty much threatened his status in the family and life so he had to go back in the closet - There are alot of people giving bad advice on this situation too... Your best bet accept him for who he is and teach him that the act of Homosexuality is a Sin not being a homosexual if you have sexual urges towards man that is not a Sin but it is a Battle...
    Satin can knock on your door but it is up to you if you open or not for him!
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  • Somehow I got the same feeling as Pharoh! I'm not sure if he became convinced that quickly from a single conversation. 
    THIS IS A VERY SERIOUS MATTER, and I don't think it's appropriate to take it as if it was a joke or a common thing. Yes, in Egypt guys hug and kiss each each other as a form of greeting, but we all know that it's normal.
    This Western society that most of us on this forum live in is treating homosexuality as if it's a normal thing and everyone has the right to be whatever they want to be...etc. But we all know what the truth is because it's in Bible. 
    Like everyone else said, you should drill in his head that this is a deadly sin and a war from satan.  Don't let him believe that it's a normal thing like how the society is portraying it today, unfortunately.
    Monitor his actions in the next couple of weeks and see how he reacts around both sexes. 
    Spend more time with him in Church and Tasbeha (instead of spending time talking about girls and cars, no offense).
    Try to encourage him to learn hymns....Just make him more attached to the church and possibly service.

    And most importantly, PRAY for him, A LOT!
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