Is it wrong to listen to worldly music?

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Hello, I justed wanted to know whether we as copts should be listening to worldly music, such as Rap, arabic music(aghany) ...

In my opionion I do not agree with it because I feel like it does not benifit you spritually in any way. This is because all those songs are concerned with, the materialistic world. Well most of them..

But I am tring to convince someone but I need better facts, hopefully from the bible..


  • Hey, guys I'm new to this so if you get this message ....well then i guess its a good thing. I'm 16yrs old and I have the simplest things to say about this topic reallie. I'm not gonna lie and say that I dont listen to rap music or wuteva cuz I really luv that song "lean back"but....i cant really say I benefit from it @ all. Sometimes i get the sudden urge to listen to christian music and afterwards I feel lyk I'm really talking to God thru tunes, u kno wut I'm saying? So i found a solution....CHRISTIAN RAP. for all those ppl addicted to the type of music that has "yo nigga ma faheezy off the badizzle fawizzle"or wuteva kinda talk that i obviously cant speak, theres a CD made by the KINGS COLLEGE n NY and it has christian rap and i luv it sooo much, I'm sure sum of u would too, so if u cant tame ur sudden urges for nelly and LL cool J, try listening to the same thing xept its about God this time, not sum lady who shakes her big butt and is black! ;)
  • I found verses concerning this thing, convo, topic, or wutever u wanna call it: Whomever guards his mouth and tongue keep his soul forever....PROV. 21-23 obviously these rappers dont tame their tongues nor do they try to preserve their souls.

    The truth shall set you free john 8:32 Now u tell me wut kind of truth is revealed in songs lyk baby got back? C'mon guys, seriously if the truth is not revealed thru these songs, wut makes u think u will be revealed to the truth if "music" is all u listen 2? there's music and then there's music and then there's MUSIC!
  • no, i acually lyk that song a lot cuz it has a huge message behind it, i dont want anyone to get me wrong u kno, cuz i listen to music as much as anyone does, i just try to pick and choose now of wut i should and shouldnt listen to, u kno?
  • hahah, who doesnt lyk kevin's turn me on? U kno I think we all kno ourselves pretty well, if you can listen to any kind of song and not act upon it, I think ur ok, u kno? we cant all control hormones but if we try or wuteva, i think we'll be ok. sum songs r so bad to the point where u get so disgusted u dont even wanna keep on listening, but if u lyk the song for its beat not meaning, then i dont think theres too much wrong with that ;) :P
  • hahaha, we bend the universe but it can only stretch so far....and the sad thing is we cant stretch that far either, so if u cant reach the highest step, just work on the second for now, lolx ;D
  • i'm sorry, i luv 2 write and i'm sort of a poet but i kinda 4get 2 leave that behind in normal conversations, wut i was trying 2 say is that as long as u kno deep inside the song wont literally turn u on, lolx then ur safe bcuz 2 b honest w/u no matter how hard we try for now, we wont stop listening 2 musiq all together, u kno
  • hahahah, i totally agree, i'm always talking in spirals, and it sounds good, its just that no one knows wut the heck i'm saying, and sumtimes i dont either, lolx i luv that :P
  • LOLX, DID U READ sorry caps, did u read the discussion about contradiction? its making me so mad I went out and wrote back a huge post, I wanna c this guy answer back
  • u wouldnt believe how tired I am , but i got so madd @ wut this thing was saying I was lyk i'm not going 2 sleep till I show him which religion really has the unbelievers
  • me 2, jersey city , i'm from BEEEEERRGEENNN!!! lolx...otherwise known as ST.GEORGE & ST.SHENOUDA, u?
  • hahah, I kno wut u mean....I've never been on this part of the site so I'm kinda new here and I'm trying 2 absorb all these topics in, lolx
  • have a good nite :-* mwah! ;)
  • I'm soo sry guys for interupting your friendship bonding, but i just had to say I love that song, jesus Walks by kanye West. Actually when I saw the title of this forum, I wanted to enter it just so I can write that. My friends looked at me with disgust when they found out I liked that song. It's so beautioful I can't help it though, I don't know why they don't like it. I also like that song Where is the Love? by Black Eyed Peas. I like the message it brings too. By the way in my opanion I don't think music is that wrong, because when I listen to it, it's for the beat and rythem not the words. I don't get influenced by it so I don't understand how it could be wrong!

    God bless, buh byez! ;D
  • :DSee that's what I'm trying to say. Not all songs set a bad example, just because they don't have the title Christian Music doesn't mean they're bad. You can interpret a song however you want to. I mean instead of thinkin of a girl/boyfriend when you hear a love song, you can think of God or your bestfriend. It's how you interpret it that makes all the difference.
  • Well for one Jesus Walks is good, except of some swears in it and where is the love is pretty nice too. And some songs aren't bad at all..

    However I like to stick with my Alhan, ;)

    I bought an mp3 with all these sound features and its driving my friends nuts coz all I hear on it are Alhan...

    Ok back to the point, I think music that has all the romance or guy/gurl whatever, swearing is kinda....not very 'religious' and might even lead u into temptation...

    Alhan leads you closer to God, at least that's from my point of view.
  • Well hopefully you will not be affected by the swearing in it.
    Your Prayer is needed, Please pray to God and ask Him for me to show me the right school that I should go to.

    God Bless.

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