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It is a lot on very short notice but can someone translate this into english


  • The (...) indicate a verse which I was unable to translate

    Offer to the Lord
    glory and honor.
    Offer to the Lord
    hymns of victory.

    For He truly made us
    when we were not.
    He purified us and taught us
    the ways of Heaven.

    I shall go in
    to the altar
    of God at all times
    I shall offer sacrifices.

    For truly miraculously
    Christ the lover of mankind
    accepted unto Himself the Circumcision
    like the rest of the humans.

    For behold Luke
    spoke of this
    concerning the Messiah
    and wrote.

    He was called
    Thebdomas who ceased
    For Jesus is His name
    according to the word of the angel

    Joseph and Salome
    and Mary his mother,
    when the 8th day
    had come to pass,

    They went
    to the house of prayer
    to offer
    chosen prayers.

    For they also found
    Simeon the priest
    standing and serving
    his priestly office.


    He said, "My Lord
    now let your servant depart
    for it is You who has kept me
    that I may see You."

    Then came
    Anna the prophetess
    the virtuous woman
    and confessed.

    And she said concerning Him
    before everyone
    that all the people
    continually sought Him.

    Our Master the Lover of mankind
    Christ the King
    accepted unto Himself the Circumcision
    in order to complete the Law.

    Rejoice and be glad
    O the human race
    for Emmanuel
    has lifted our sins.

    For truly He confirmed
    His Incarnation
    He perfected our humility
    in His Circumcision.

    Then He taught us
    the ways of salvation
    and saved us
    according to His great mercy

    He is the Son of God
    in truth
    Saint Mary
    gave birth to Him

    He whom the hidden
    orders carry
    Simeon the priest
    carried Him

    Holy are You O Christ
    in your economy
    Your power and wisdom
    are immeasurable.

    Heal the sicknesses
    of the rest of Your people
    Remember O Lord
    those who have slept.

    And also Your servant
    I the sinner
    I ask You
    forgive me my sins.
  • [coptic]]`ctoi,wn ete `mpe ar,ydiakwn ermyneuin[/coptic]
    The verse that Archdeacon didn't translate
    [coptic]`Mpefer`amelyc@ alla af] `mpefouoi@ afolf qen ouiyc@ `ejen nef`jvoi[/coptic]
    He did not delay (literally = act carelessley) : but he acted with haste : carried Him quickly : on his arms
    [coptic]oujai qen `P=[=c[/coptic]
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