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Akhadna el baraka through the grace of our dear, and Almighty Lord... who through His great love worked for the Glory of His ever Glorious name!

ever wondered what can help the Coptic language grow?! with the new "COPTIC WORD OF THE DAY" on your phone it can help... its easy you text the word "Coptic" to 41411, and you will receive the Coptic word of the day!

Coptic word of the day

(Pa-choic) my Lord

remember, use it in a sentence today...
save our language tomorrow! 

also tired of going to church not knowing the readings of the day? you can text "KATAMAROS" to 41411 and you'll receive the readings by the time of the raising of incense (vespers) the night before!

12 Paapi
P(21:22,23) g(Mt.9:9-13)
P(Eph4:11-19) K(1Pet1:3-12)
A(5:12-18) G(Lk5:27-32)

and last but most certainly not least the saints of the day! again text "SAINT" to 41411... and you'll receive the saint of the day


12 Paapi 1725 A.M.
+Commemoration of Archangel Michael
+St. Matthew the Evangelist
+ Reposing of Pope St. Demetrius I
May their blessings be with us all, Amen

this is all free, only if you have free texting, so double check how much a text is for you, but there are no extra charges!
These are available on all major US carriers, including: Verizon Wireless, AT&T, Sprint, Virgin, Cricket, T-Mobile, Alltel, and more. Additional carriers coming soon...

this is a blessing for me, subscribe to these so that this work might not go in vain... it will not start right away, it will probably start by this weekend, Insha' Allah!

nakhod el baraka... neshkor Allah!


  • i live in Canada, and i have Rogers, do you have any idea if it will be free for me too? or would it be long distance?
  • no I'm sorry... it only works for the U.S. as for now! Insha'allah God will show a way we can make it to Canada, and beyond!

    Forgive me again!
  • Thanks allot man. These are great :) GBU
  • may i ask Who  provides this service? is it like a Church? or like someone thta just does it? or is it like a program or what?
  • Through the Grace of God, I do it... I follow the calendar of the Holy Virgin Mary C.O.C... and the Coptic word of the day, if not by abouna, its by the dictionary... I don't have it on me but I will put up the sources for it!

    nakhod el baraka... neshkor allah!
  • wait, i don't understand..... so 41411 is like a special number that you have aquiered to get this service from your provider?
    or is it just like a normal number of a cellphone? like this isn't automated? or do you do it like type the meassage and forward it to everybody that wants it? this is very interesting.....

    Rabena Yebarkak...

    Coptic Pharaoh
  • I type it, and send it daily... but i send it to those who subscribe to it...


    nakhod el baraka... neshkor allah
  • okay soo if i wanted teh coptic word of the day everyday i have to text coptic everyday?
    or just once? and ill always get it?

    thxx for sharing btw=)
  • you receive it everyday... you only need to text the first time only! (so only once)

    note: for the "Coptic word of the day" today October 24 was the first day it was sent... for the saint and the readings, it will start tomorrow, the 25th for Sunday!

    again because I've been asked this too many times... this service is 100% free!!! unless you pay for your texts... but this service is of NO EXTRA CHARGE!!!

    again... please send the word out... if you have a facebook PM me, and I'll give you the group for it... so that you may join, and invite your friends... this is a service... so if you send the word out, you are doing a service!

    nakhod el baraka... neshkor allah!
  • okaaay thanksss soo much=))

  • Through the Grace of our Lord... the messages started being sent! please tell me how you like it and what can be done to make it better... through the will of our Lord this will be daily!

    nakhod el baraka... neshkor allah!
  • yay i just got mine!!!

    ps: my favorite avan is red :)
  • lol... there you go you should use it all the time...

    now for the katamaros, people told me everyday would be too much... so what do you guys think?!

    nakhod el barka... neshkor allah!
  • if you want to stop receiving them.. like iw ant to get them but not always, can i do that? or no?
  • it sends you a text with the unsubscribing information!

    you just write the word... and unsub
  • haha so far ive gotten them three times.  its good i like this.  lOl keep them coming thanks for ur time and effort=)

  • yes... it has been three times... insha' allah, we will make it in a facebook application so that it can also be read in coptic... 

    but please tell me  for the reading of the day... what do you guys want? send it everyday? or select days?
  • I am jw....is this going to go on all the time? Or just for like a month?
    thanks in advance
  • LOL... by the grace, and will of God... it will forever!

    just pray for the service!

    and tell people about it... tell your youth meeting, your friends, everyone!

    benakhod el baraka... neshkor allah!
  • Rabbena ye3awad ta3ab ma7abetak ya superman (bam)...
    Although I don't live in the States, I think it's a wonderful initiative, God bless...
  • did this require anytype of special subsciption from the phone company?
  • nope! not at all!
  • through the love, and the Grace of our dear Lord... this service has been going for a week now!

    so now I wanted to ask how do you guys like it so far? and if there are any changes you would like to see made?

    also I would like to thank everyone who has been spreading the word, I really do thank you... may God reward you a hundred folds!

    and I urge everyone to keep or start telling people about this service, its very helpful for everyone, so PLEASE if you haven't already spread the word, please do... and for those that have, keep up the work!

    this service is for God... and God alone!

    nakhod el baraka... neshkor allah!
  • what happened?

    lol it hasent been on sometimes?

  • For the sake of the Christ, Please forgive me, there is absolutely nothing wrong with your phones (if you're a subscriber) due to the finals, and studying I was not able to keep up with the service, so Please do forgive me!

    Through the will of the Christ, Jesus, the service will be back by the New Year's (happy new year, btw)

    now, while we are at it... I would like to remind you about:

    "saint" for the saint of the day
    "katamaros" for the reading of the day

    Also while we are at it... I would like to hear your feedback to what you all thought about the service... and if there are any improvements that can be made!

    also if anyone would like to help, it would be great, and a lot of blessing, so get in contact with me!

    and finally while we are still at it... I would like to remind you to spread the word, invite your friends on facebook, tell your friends, and tell your youth meetings!

    P.S. soon to be there will be prayer request... it has been approved by abouna!

    nakhod el baraka... neshkor Allah!
  • I've enjoyed it, even though its only worked once, lol. It's helped me a lot.
  • This is great!! I just subscribed.
    GBU...and thanks for this wonderful service!
  • sounds awsome lol
    But i don't have a phone yet

    pls pray for me and have a happy new years
  • i just got it 2 day

    thankss again

  • all thanks to our Almighty God... through His grace, He looked at my weakness, and He sent me the help I have been looking for... for this reason the service of the day is back... and doesn't stop there... bu there is more!

    our God is truly magnificent, now we will be able to receive the sayings of the fathers, a daily statement from our holy fathers... so that we can learn from them, and know how to live closer to God by their guidance!

    so for the "new" sayings of the fathers... just text the word "SAYINGS" to 41411!

    and dont forget, for coptic word of the day... its "COPTIC"
    for the Katamaros, or daily reading...  its "KATAMAROS"
    for the synaxarium, or the saint of the day... its "SAINT"

    and all these would be texted separately to 41411...

    and All glory is due to our Almighty God... thanks also to the help of this person, the service is back, and back strong...

    blessed be our God, please pray for this service!

    nakhod el baraka... neshkor Allah!
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