Father of Confession (FoC)

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Hey guys, i just wanted to open up a thread where we cna jsut talk aobut our fathewr of confession, how they can/have help/helped us and stuff.. feel free to tlaka obut anything thats gotta do with those amazing FoC's lol... ok ill start

i recentyl had a problem that iw as keeping between me and God and a couple of close friends... i was too embarassed/scared/ashamed i gues to tell abouna... but one of these firneds (older/advisor/sunday school teacher type) encouraged me and motivated me to go ahead and tell abouna about it... im veryyy happy to say that simply getting it out made such a big differnece in the way i feel about life ... it was like an immense weight off my shoulders and im soo thankful that God has granted us the wonderful opportunity to redeem ourselves through confession.. so heres a thank you to abouna yacoub and all abouna's around the world for taking up such responsibility and thank you to God for giving them the right to abolve us and us the privelage to be absolved... :)


  • yea.....i love my FOC....father sorial......hes a great listener and i feel comfortable and safe around him..... ;D ;D ;D....that reminds me i need to confess... :-\...but i heard that u dont have to tell aboona sumthing if its that embrassing....u could leave it up to god....if ur breathe sinks does that mean ur sick....sorry i was just wondering...lol...bac to the topic....so yea thats wat i heard...but im an open book that is one of the few problems i dont have....lol... ;D ;D

    God bless

    elephants rox my sox...lol...i donno...
  • shouldnt confession be private???
    i think it is!!
    thats what my FOC told me.... :P
    sorry for interupting but :P
    it is supposed to be 100% private :P
    GBU ;)
  • why is that hustler you obviously mock what you dont understand? god first of all could never be compared to a pie or a cake. st augustine says,"God the father is not the Son and He is not the Holy Spirit. But the Father is God, the Son is God, and the Holy Spirit is God...but how do you think you could understand this if you have no faith in Christ? u said that you have entered this website to learn more about our religion instead you keep finding excuses to try to put us down... dont try to say that our beliefs are wrong when you dont even understand them...u need faith in God...open your heart..."God reveals Himself to the simple who are more able to interpret the purpose of God than to the proud who imagine that they are wise"...H.G. Bishop Moussa said in his book "The Characteristics of Orthodox Teaching"....and name me ONE orthodox priest that was found gulity of what you accuse him of....and those priests who were of other christian groups fell into temption and weren't truly strong in their faith....may God forgive them.....and instead of trying to find something wrong in our religion...look at yours...were is the proof that it is genuine....Christ has gone so much for his childern even those who dont love him....he has given us his LIFE....miracles happen day by day....saints appaer to heal people...where in your belief is there this sort of love.....terrorists giving their lives claiming it was what God wanted.....does God want to kill his childern? Musliums claiming they will never harm another of their kind....but how many muslims died on 9/11....how was that for their own good? Musliums in Egypt persecuting christians....God give them strength...and when musliums found strength and opened their hearts to Christ....they found a joyful life....even with musliums searching to kill them!!!! i guess i donno how u could find it in you to criticize us when ur religion isnt perfect at all!!!!!!
  • high five aruba :P ;)
    i would have never stated it better ;D
  • Good going aruba. You know your stuff

  • no......its just not fair of someone trying to destory what this site has to offer....and i noe not one of us will allow him to do so....but thanks guys i apperciate it... ;D ;D
  • im with u
    i dont understand if hes not benefiting from the site or if he does not accpet our religioon at all why is he here
    and on every thread he's there saying stuff and he cant keep doing that
  • he doesnt want to benefit from this site because if he did he wouldnt try to accuse us of things that are digusting....and i truly believe that he noes right from wrong but doesnt want to accept it....and if he wants to continue what he is doing let...it is apparently strengthen us as a whole and bringing us closer...(lyk dis...syl...)... :) :) :)
  • yea i know wut u mean
    and actually i did strenthen us and it actually freaked me out somehow that u can have the devil tempting u even when ur doing something religious
  • thats for u.....the devil could enter the church...the house of God...but like i said when u have God on ur side theres NOTHING AND I MEAN NOTHING 2 fear..... ;D ;D ;D
  • yes thats very very scary
    ur not safe anywhere
  • true....but i love how in the bible it states that your refuge is within God....lol... ;D ;D
  • wait wuts that
    can u get me a verse or explain it more
  • sure.... this is the whole chapter from the bible
    The Psalms

    God the Refuge of His People and Conqueror of the Nations
    To the chief Musician for the sons of Korah, A Song of Alamoth.

    1    God is our refuge and strength,
    a very present help in trouble.
    2    Therefore we will not we fear,
    Even though the earth be removed,
    and though the mountains be carried into the midst of the sea;
    3    though the waters thereof roar and be troubled,
    though the mountains shake with the swelling.
    4    There is a river, the streams whereof shall make glad the city of God,
    the holy place of the tabernacle of the Most High.
    5    God is in the midst of her;
    she shall not be moved:
    God shall help her, just at the break of dawn.
    6    The nations raged, the kingdoms were moved:
    he uttered his voice, the earth melted.
    7    The LORD of hosts is with us;
    the God of Jacob is our refuge.
    8    Come, behold the works of the LORD,
    who has made desolations in the earth.
    9    He makes wars to cease unto the end of the earth;
    he breaketh the bow, and cuts the spear in two;
    he burns the chariot in the fire.
    10    Be still, and know that I am God:
    I will be exalted among the heathen,
    I will be exalted in the earth.
    11    The LORD of hosts is with us;
    the God of Jacob is our refuge.

    im sure there are more verses about this tho... :) :)
  • ohh wow great thank u very much
  • np....lol.. ;D ;D
  • guyss.... back on track please... FOTHR OF CONFESSION!!!... talk bout them... not hustler.. pleasee.....
  • sorry....i think you have to not be afraid to share your issues with ur FoC.....you never noe how his advice will help you....and 2 imagine you could go to him and even confess that you killed some1 and he'd still wouldnt judge you...THAT BLOWS ME AWAY!!!!! ;D ;D ;D
  • im very blunt in confeesion.
    i try and be as honest as i can, but my FOC i knew him all my life since b4 he was a priest, and me bein a deacon n all, every time i confess, i sumtimes see this look on his face like dissappointment, cause im a close deacon with him, i alwaz serve with him in the alter, he trusts me with soo many things, so wen i tell him all my many sins, he looks like he expected better from me...u know??
    but i hope its just the devil playin tricks with me...
    cause i dont want it to be true, i want it to be all in my mind.
  • its probably is that....since of course the devil probably doesnt like the fact we confess... :)...but if u are that close to him and hes like family...u noe how they say that a surgeon should never operate on his family....but i dont really noe ur situation...but ur probably rite...the devil no matter how evil he is, is very clever...one part of life i really dont enjoy...lol.. :) :)
  • Confession had always been like a plastic bag over my head type of experience for me. The first couple of times i just said wut i thought was "saying the bad truth in a good way". Like everything i said i tried to put in good percpective for aboona so that i wouldnt look like the horrible thing i really am. And confession session after the other, i just looked aboona straight in the eyes, no looking down or up at that dot that looks funny on the ceiling, i didnt try to side track myself by looking at others ... i just do it without thinking. Now when i confess i just look into aboonas eyes and everything fades....the noise, the people, ur brain, all ur thoughts, everything just shuts down at that moment. I mean i speak and i know i'm not speaking, i'm in realization of wut i'm saying but i feel as though i'm the person listening, not the person talking, u kno? And i see myself on the other side, as though i'm saying this to myself and i feel soooooo guilty to the point where i'm biting my lips to keep myself from crying and bawling about how many times a day i crucify Him. But u kno wut? I could tell 1,000,000 people the same story and none of them will say words of comfort like aboona can. He could say one word: "pray"and if i really pray before i blink after the prayer, His will be done! I think that our FOC's are not ordinary people, but gifts and menders of this world and there isnt a day where i have doubted their advice after learning to "feel"what i'm speaking and relive it again as thoug Christ was standing before me, and thats y i think that ur FOC is the epitomy of this quote: "Your best friend is the person that knows EVERYTHING about u and STILL loves you". May the Lord Bless them and enhance our lives through them and His Holy Saints! ;)

    GOD BLESS ALL! :-*
  • o man, i hope i didnt freak any1 out about the whole bag over the head thing, sorry ??? :-X

    GOD BLESS ALL! :-*
  • I agree partially with that. I mean, abouna is totally the best, and he knows me really well, so I treat him like my friend. When I go to confess, I position my chair to face the front so that I have to turn to see him, and I turn to him occasionally, and such, but I mean, I don't feel freaked out about it anymore. I mean, yea, I have that bout of embarressment and such, but I remember that abouna isn't there to judge me, he's there to help me. And I love the advice he gives me. Always works. And he knows me the best, so he knows what won't work from the start. Great man, all of them, God has bestowed these gifts on them..wow, God be with them.

  • [quote author=arubaiscrazy link=topic=676.msg12526#msg12526 date=1097034019]
    i heard that u dont have to tell aboona sumthing if its that embrassing....u could leave it up to god....

    God bless

    Really!!!??? Is that true?
  • NOOO That is NOT true. That is like living a tiny snake left in your heart. That snake will grow and give birth to many more serpents.
  • Yea, I thought so... Just making sure

    Thanks and God Bless,
    Copt Andrew
  • just wanted to say that this is a lovely topic and i really learned a lot from ur experiences... wooow especially Magnoona lol ur not crazy lol .... but i was really touched by u because i feel like im garbage compared to u... i wish i can weep for my sins like u doo.. how lucky u r daughter of Christ for u r able to offer such a true repentance from ur heart.. God Bless u!
    I personally have a lot to learn... firstly offering a true repentance and secondly seeing my sins... sad to say.. but remembering my sins is one of the hardest things for me.. i go into confession, with my list being almost the same to the point where im saying stuff that im not even sure i did or not :( Pray for me guys, i reallly need to work on my spiritual life.
    To stay on topic.... i love my Abouna soooooooo MUCH! he's sooo wise and prefers to talk to me about my prayer life rather than my sins... i'd be in the middle of confession and he'd randomly interupt me and say... hows ur Bible reading... or Do u spend time with God every day. Honestly, he's just terrific... truly the voice of God is through him.
    God Bless all the Abounas in the world, truly we are a cross for them, may God give them the strength to bear us lol
    God Bless u all,
    Pray for me,
  • Sorry to break this to you Enough, but this topic was started and ended four years ago...I just found it and was curious about it. Most people who posted here do not even visit this website any more (except me and Copt4eva) so no one who posted can read your nice post.

    Thanks for posting that awesome post anyways and God Bless,
    Copt Andrew
  • looooooooooooooooool  :-[ haha im sooo sorrry, i dont usually look at the dates... thanks a lot though ;)
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