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Hey guys, this video was posted on by David_the_King, its the Gregorian Liturgy in Coptic prayed by 7 priests at once!! It's really amazing, thought i would share it with you guys.


  • WOW! this is sooo cool! I've never seen anything like this! Thanks for posting it! It's pretty much a choir of priests! This is awesome. Is the whole litrugy praying in this manner? I'm at the very beginning. GB, and thanks John!
  • Yup the whole thing is prayed like that(at least from what i've seen) I'm near the end of the clip
  • This is the most amazing thing I have ever seen!!

    Do you know the priests names?
  • No i have no idea, this video was posted on and it was orginally from so if you can read arabic, you might be able to look it up on the website and let us know
  • This is very amazing.I would love to see that live.
  • as i know,this is a convention for priests to teach parts of the coptic liturgies and some hymns that are said by priests like "anok pe pi koji" ....etc
    although i haven`t seen that particular video,i have another one that was on 2005 i think,may be both are the same..
    the one i have is complete,was prayed at el baramos with anba rafael, cantor zaher and cantor osama from is also at

  • could you post a direct link for those who can't read arabic that well
  • Every time i click on the first link... it opens the download screen to save it on my computer.. is that suposed to happen.. and it takes formever to dowload... i canceled it already but i can dowload it it worth it?
  • i tried both links and they did work...the one i sent is about 288 MB as it is video of about 3 hours so it can`t be less than this.
    as for ur question,if u have ever seen a full coptic gregory liturgy prayed by a choir of priests,then it doesn`t worth it  ;)
  • Thanks, these aren't the same liturgy however, if you look at both video's they take place in two different churches, but with the same group(almost) of priests
  • Both of the file names mention the Baramos Monastery...
  • Monastaries can have more than one church in them, such as one for the archangel and one for st. mark or something like that
  • Yes, that is correct.
  • In Mississauga Ontario, Canada...  the Canadain Coptic Centre (CCC) has 2 churches.. and it is just a Chirch.. not a monastary.. it has 2 churches in 1 builidng Google it...   Canadian Coptic Cantre in Mississauga , Canada

    here is a picture...
  • St Mark Church in Cleveland, OH also has a church and a chapel.
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