coptic hymn competition 2004

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Hi guys,
I just wanted to know who here is going to participate in the hymn competition and in what group...


  • I AM! I AM! ;D lol
  • hay guys

    what hynm comp
  • hey andrew,
    there is an annual hymn competition in staten island in september. different goups determined by age have to learn different things.
    Ex. third group (age 13-18) has to learn and recite evlogymenos, epouro (taweela), ontos, tenouosht, and akoiti.
  • Here's a list of the alhan...also i'm wondering if somebody could help me out with something. For the first group, they have to learn thok te ti gom, but i'm not sure if they should learn the long one or the short one...anybody know which one it is??

    Also, for the second group, they have to learn Amoini Mareno-osht, but it says on the list "Amoini Mareno-osht, (five verses)". I'm not sure which 5 verses though....thanks
  • i might. 3rd group.
  • I might not be in it anymore..probably not
  • y not ServantofJesus? :-\
  • well I dont exactly know the hymns yet and we still have to see who's gonna teach us. I will if i get to learn them.
  • ServantofJesus (Iriny), you should be in the competition because you still have until september to learn and even if you dont win its still a really great thing to participate. :D And to paulh, first group learns the fast thok te ti Gom and if you want i can post the lyrics of amoni marenouosht. Pray for me guys.

    God Bless,
  • do we have to go to this island
  • its actually just a city called Staten Island ( I think) . and yes. its still held there.
  • hay guysjust a cupple of things i dont understand i am in group 3 the only thing i do understand on the sheat is eflogymenos and ontoc but the rest i cant read can someone please help me

  • sure. eporo (song of peace), aikote ensok (tasbeha), i dont know wat the 3rd one is and the memorization is the Gloria, which starts with "Glory be to God in the highest, peace on earth, and good will towards men."
    hope that helps
  • if it is held there i cant join because i live all the way in new zealand and for those of you who dont know where that is if you look in a map it is the little island beside australia on the bottom right :( ::) :'(
  • wow, that is far. maybe u could start ur own competiton.
  • In order to read the list that has the alhan on it, you have to have the coptic font downloaded and installed on your computer. You can find the font here:

    The third hymn on the sheet is said during the raising of the incense for Epiphany, Nativity, and Resurrection. It is called [coptic]Tenouwst[/coptic], and it is from the morning doxology. The morning doxology is what we say in the Matins praises before EVERY liturgy. But during those 3 feasts, we say them in a special tune. You can find a recording from Cantor Ibrahim Ayad here:

    It is the first hymn, and it is names as "Verses of the Cymbals." You only need to learn the first 10 verses though. The last verse is [coptic]Hiten noueuxy[/coptic], so when you hear that, stop! lol. Take care,

    In Christ,
  • I'm in it too.

  • our church did it for 2 years then gave up cuz they never give prizes to the small groups and we never have a big group ofkids.. watever... we still learn alhan just not for competition.. as a mtter of fact my mommy and my aunt are the two alhan teachers
  • That's right

  • lol! u got it!!!
  • my brother is the alhan teacher at my church and i usually go to abouna dawood in bergen too
  • There is no one like abouna dawood in bergen. He's an awesome teacher, and he's such a sweetheart. May god bless him, and be with him, and help him with all the responsibilities he has..

  • hello,

    ok i dont get it!.. what is the competition about??

  • ok. in a nutshell, there r 5 groups. the first four groups are divided according to age. fifth group is a chorus. u pick 1 song of u choice out of the ones available, then u go and pick a song (the names of the songs r written on a paper and put upside down and u choose one, the one u choose u sing, then u say the part that is supposed to be memorized, and finally for 3rd and 4th group they make u read something to make sure u know how to read.
  • They make you read something in coptic to make sure you know how to read, just like lostegprincess said. And winners are the top three scoreres in each group except in the fifth group which is the chorus, top two groups.

  • is this a competition in canada! ???
  • Hey Paulh, I'm in third group too, and I have a CD with all of the alhan for third group recorded by Fr. David Bebawy. If anyone wants some of the files, just IM me or something.

  • [quote author=MarMar91 link=board=1;threadid=497;start=30#msg9539 date=1093552735]
    I'm sooo pyshced and almost ready for it.... bring it on... I may be the youngest in the 3rd group, but nnot the underdog-- lol ;)

    Some of the youngest are some of the best.

  • Yea, I know, I was

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