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ok i serve a yr 5-6 class and we have a huge issue with the kids bullying eachother and some are being bullied at school... i have a story to tell the kids i have two actually but any one have an ideas on how to go about this!!??!??!?

im up for all ideas!


  • hey D33
    i am a sunday school teacher as well for ages 3-6!
    and a counselor at the ymca also of K5_1st grade
    and bullying is an issue that needs to be dissccused! if it was at church #1 tell the parents! #2 tell abona! and if it was at school #1 tell the teachers, #2 tell the other kids' parents!
    hope that helps
  • ok thanks... i wasnt too sure if thats wat to do or not!! lol thanks for the confirmation...
    any other ideas?
  • hey D33..

    umm well storys are fine..

    also ..

    ok lame idea..

    sorta make a ROLE PLAY about this..

    make it 'practicle a bit'
  • not lame... lol i was thinkn that too but i just didnt want the kids to get too carried away with the role way (which they noramally do)

    what did u have in mind.
  • hmm maybe pretend something like when a studen walks in..(or maybe plan it with him from before just in case he gets upset)...

    start to show the class what people do with bullying..LIKE BAD...and then see how the class reacts and then when they are all worked up..and think u r 'MEAN' ...

    you may how do u guys all feel about what just happened..

    and they will say..

    well..some of us are like that...

    but dont realise how the other person feels...


    NOW U KNOW..

    do u still wanna continue doing it..

    lol did i make sense..

    what u think of the idea??
  • hey 'why' i like it!! i like it a lot! haha really kool... now i gotta figure out which kid i should chose to help me with ti that can keep a straight face haha!


    i might have to get another servant! lol yea actually i'll do that! lol it'll be better and have the same effect because it wont have the authority issue!

    ok thanks heaps matey!!
  • hey

    i serve yr 5 also

    i think u need to tell the kids they need to tell their teacher at school and also u may pay these kids a home visit

    u may also want to tell abouna about them so that he too can pay thema visit

    and if the kids in ur class are the ones doing the bullying then the role play may help. remeber sometimes kids at that age do not have any empathy skills that is they may not be able to see things from others point of view

    and also most importanlty pray for them each one by their name. i also ask them to pray for me and each other and they do!! they r so sweet!!!!!another good thing u can ask them to do is ring each other when someone is away like say who willr ing so and so who is away and someone will volunteer i also think this is a good technique i picked up from another servant

  • hey kristina...
    thank you so much for ur help it was awesome!!

    just letting you know the praying for eachother thing works like a wonder! one day we all agreed to pray for a friend that hasnt come for a months and the following week he turned up and everyone wass so happy!! it was a really good feeling for everyone.

    me and my fellow servant do regular visitations also and maybe in the future we'll be able to do it more often.

    thank you so much for ur help! muchly appreciated!


    were there like little kids going up to you sayen...

    MISS it worked it worked!! he DOES HEAR...ITS A MIRACLE>..

    THATS SOO ..and probably a great feeling!!
  • no worries mate anytime ;)
  • haha yea 'whY' IT WAS one of those cute moments witht he kids! lol

    i was like kids relax we dont wanna make the poor boy think his an experiement ok!!!

    lol aiight good luk with the bullying thing!!
  • thank you!!!
    if anyone else has any other ideas or even bible stories related or anything that can help let me know!!!!!!

    sanxxx indeedy hehe
  • i agreeeeeee
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