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Hey everyone!! My name is Jana, and I'm from New Jersey. nationality is Egyption. I am new to this site and think its great. there is so much information here.
By the way, I'm a Pyschology major minoring in Journalism. I work in the fashion industry right now.
I really like talking about our religion. It is very interesting. I few years ago, due to a visit to Egypt, i really began to learn about this faith and would like to know more, if anyone has interesting facts.


  • Hey welcome Jana and i hope you enjoy ure time on the website.

  • Welcome Jana, hope you enjoy this site, and feel free to post your opinion on any of the forums, I have a few interesting facts about Coptic Christian Religion:
    +We fast like 216 days every year including Wednesdays and Fridays
    +Our Masses take up about 5 hours in all
    +We have many saints and intercessioners that have guided us and preached to us the history behind our Lord
    +We have many stories in the Holy Bible, and it's our proof that etc...happened, like Adam and Eve's creation by God
    +Our Lord, when he was on Earth suffered so much for us just to forgive our sins, he had 39 wips on his back, 1 spear mark, a crown of thorns, the vinegar put on our Lord's head to sooth the blood, 2 nails in his hands, 1 nail in both his feet, than during pascha week 2 nails in his feet
    +Many prophets have preached and lectured us through books and written stories about God
    +When God was on Earth, he told fairytales that have a meaning in life that is related to life!
    +As you may have known these already, some people don't, but it's great to look at them and realize that God really wants us to have a goal in life and to achieve that goal means to work hard, I'm talking about 1 goal, entering the Kingdom of God

    Coptic Servent
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  • I pretty much had to say the Same thing as Coptic Servent, except that they only take from 2hrs-4hrs, unless there is like Holy Friday or something. We fast 9 hrs before preparation of a mass, unless it's a mass in the Great Lent. And I would like to say welcome and that I hope you enjoy this site. It's a wonderful site. If you need any help, feel free to PM me. I'm sorry, im not trying to be rude to Coptic Servent OR THIS POST. i am rEALLY SORRY if this sounds rude, but they weren't really fairytales... they were parables.
    Hope you enjoy this site
    Keep my in ur prayer

  • Hello Jana ....i am new to this Site as well but one thing you always want to remember is........
    1) Do not ever have pride in you ( Greatest sin)
    Never Deny Him (or He will deny You before His Father in Heaven)
    2) God is Love and simple...
    3) Love your enemies......not God's enemies(devil)
    4) Pray and Fast not with your tongue but with your Heart
    5) Do not miss a day with out praying...even if you think that you are just doing it as a routine...Remeber the devil will tempet you by saying that your prayer is not accepted but however...God tells his Angels to be quiet when his child is praying..so he can hear Him/Her
    6) Do not Stress, be sad, or worry ,but let it be to God's willing and not according to our sins
    7) Have mercey and never Judge
    8) Listen to Sermons...you will learn alot
    9) When God forgives, He forgets so leave the past,

    "Therefore, if Anyone is in Christ, He is a new creation: the old has gone, the new has come!" II Corinthians 5:17

    Do not worry if you think you sin or did wrong.....for Heaven rejoice when one sinner repents then 99 Holy men that do not need repentness
  • I fogot ..........one thing is to let God talkk to you......read the Bible..You talk to him through prayer and He talks to you through his Bible.....(donot worry he knows what pages you will need to read so he can answer Your quesitons)
  • wow... lost soul, that was truly great right there
  • [quote author=CopticChica21 link=board=6;threadid=3382;start=0#msg49432 date=1141777962]
    I'm sorry, im not trying to be rude to Coptic Servent OR THIS POST. i am rEALLY SORRY if this sounds rude, but they weren't really fairytales... they were parables.
    Hope you enjoy this site
    Keep my in ur prayer


    Well, I was in a rush as well, because I was just trying to think, and I only do that during school!

    Coptic Servent
  • WELCOME..i hope you enjoy this site!!

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    [move][glow=blue,2,300]Welcome Welcome Welcome!!![/glow][/move]

    I second this! lol... Glad to see you here, and look forward to seeing your posts...
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