• Well, the problem is that he is like the president of his church, he funds it, and yes it is a Private school, you are syrian Orthodox right?

  • guys, i just have one comment. just like it was mentioned previously, how come we cant do somthing about this movie, like the jews did. but we also have to keep in mind that things that are forbidden or talked against, usually become big. u know what i mean?
  • My church is from the Syrian tradition, I am not Syrian Orthodox, but I have many relatives that are. I am offically of the Syro-Malankara Catholic Church, this church is in India, with Syrian Traditions. I am currently trying to learn Syriac from a Cor-Episcopa of the Syrian Orthodox Church, he is very knowledgable, I am amazed at what I can learn from him. The (Oriental) Orthodox and Catholic Churches are so very close to reunion in India and the Middle East, I hope this happens in my lifetime. There are even times when the Church members have intercommunion, even in N.America. I can't wait for the day we have full communion.

    Personally, I like to go to different Churches and learn liturgy and Traditions, so far I have been to Byzantine Catholic, Greek Orthodox, Syrian (Indian) Orthodox, Syro-Malankara, Syro-Malabar, Maronite. I still want to go to others. Is there any Coptic Churches in the Chicago area ?
  • Probably. You could check by clicking on locate a Church in

  • There are two Coptic Churches in IL as a whole...

    St Mark & St Bishoy
    15 West 455 79th Street, Burr Ridge, IL 60527
    St Mary
    2100 West Frontage Road, Palatine, IL 60078

    but if you're looking for one near Chicago... you might have to cross the state border.. this one is closer than the other two in IL.

    St Mary & St Antonious
    124 N. 3rd St., Waterford, WI 53185
  • So, Mike u never told me what theology school you go to, by the way guys after this let's get back on track!

  • University of St. Francis, near Chicago...The school also has other majors, nursing, education, etc...other than theology
  • AWESOME! Ok, guys, I have an idea, every one of us tell ur ppl at youth about the movie that they should tell other ppl not to go, then tell ur Priest and maybe ur Priest can contact others to tell them not to go or even make an announcement to the people to not go...

    what do u think??

  • Wouldn't a general action like that have to be "o.k.ed" by the Pope first? ???

    We carry you, O Cross: the strength of the Christians: powerfully around our necks: and we cry out openly.
    - Chris
  • I don't know buddy, what we can do though is each one of us mail their grace Anba Moussa and Anba Raphael, and ask them to do something about it and they can tell H.H. or give us special advice.., will guys stick with that plan?

  • How many coptic orthodox christians do you think will go see the movie?

  • I would say 30%-60%

  • Well would it be out of simple curiousity, or because they're really interested, or they just plain wanna see the movie?

  • does it matter

    we cant see it period and try to make others not see it as well
  • It's not that we can't it's that we should take a satnd against it and say 'NO!'

  • Hey all,
    There is something we can do about the movie. The FCC (federal communications commission), oversees the film industry. If we can start pettioning at schools, churchs, stores, whatever, and collect a good number of signatures, they might investigate our claims, that it is a defamation to our faith, that it is oppressive, and discriminatory. These are all things, that seem to be portrayed in the film; from what you guys are telling me.

    So, E-mail me at [email protected], if you are interested. Also, someone said we should contact our bishops-- great idea. Lets get something organized and lets do it fast!
  • Good idea Peter. But I'm sure the Jews took a similar action when The Passion of the Christ came out, but as we all know, the movie was not banned from theaters. Maybe we could do something like that. ???

    - Chris

  • Yup Contacting Bishops was my probably my idea. I think this should be strongly put in consideration with the FCC, guys, in Egypt they always used to tell us "Alethad kowah" "Unity is Power" and even we unite we will eliminate this movie. Also, all those who go to Christan Schools, make announcments if anyone wants to sign and then send the names to Peter.

    Peter count me in.

  • [quote author=Defender! link=board=1;threadid=286;start=45#msg4005 date=1087511536]
    It's not that we can't it's that we should take a satnd against it and say 'NO!'


    thats what i ment
  • Great,
    So how are we going to get this thing organized. Let see if we can get all the numbers and email of bishops in your diocese. Also, someone should contact the FCC, and try to figure out what the guidelines are for this sort of thing! So, lets do this.
  • Peter, would you mind contatcting the FCC??

  • Hey guys,

    good news, today I talked to my Priest and he said that he will make an announcementy so peeps, do the same and I took the firest step, finish it uo with me.

  • Hey Defender, By FCC, do you mean the Federal Communication Commission? They really don't have anything to do with this, if you want to make headway, talk to your local movie theatres.
  • The Commission has jurisdiction over radio, television, wire, satellite and cable. As far as I know, movie theaters fall outside their regulatory power. And even if they were under FCC jurisdiction, the First Amendment of our Constitution would most likely protect the movie from fines or other penalties, since this movie is a form of "speech". So I highly doubt that the FCC will act in this situation.

    God bless!
  • Yea, I think NC, has a point. The entertainment industry didn't do anything with the complaining jews about the passion, what makes you think that they'll listen to us?
    Just mere curiousity, no put downs meant ;D

  • Because there was a movie that displayed Jesus Christ (Astaghfur Allah) and His Holy Disciples as homosexuals, and everyone signed and we banned it.

  • Really? When was this? I didn't hear about it.

    - Chris
  • Yea, I didn't know anything about this either. What happened?

  • i think there was an email petition, cause i rem. i signed something like that
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