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Hey guys,

I wanted to tell you about that new movie "saved!", my gosh what is that?? they call it Christian but it's nothing as what I would say Coptic Christian. It's aboloshing all that what the Passion of the Christ did!

A total disgrace, nothing that matches the 'humility' Christ talked about.

I am very sad.....

Look at all the things called "christian" these days:

1. "christian" rock
2."christian" dances
3."christian" haircuts
4."christian" protestant youth places where u can play for 3 hours and learn about God in 10 min!!!
5. gay "christian" protestant pastor!!

What in the world is going on in the world??



  • From you're description, Defender, I'm pretty happy to say i haven't heard anything about a christian movie called "Saved!" - Please tell us what is it about? What have they done?

    You're right...It's very scary when you hear what some people think Christianity is all about...!!!

    Please pray for us all!
    God Bless
  • From what I heard, the movie is about a good and a bad girl and it shows the peronality of a "good" christian as someone who is very proud, proclaiming themself a saint, beating up the other girl and yelling at her for not believing in Jesus even throwing a Bible at her....

    It is also making Christianity look impossible... she yelled at the girl for looking at a guy....

    Screwing all the protestant ideas into the minds of teenagers that don't understand, and what I feel, the protestant church is not based on any true Theology but a made up one to pull people to her, kind of a growing empire of people who want the flesh and the spirit!

  • That doesn't sound very good... :(

    Thanks for the warning Defender! Keep up the good work! ;D

    God Bless You :)
  • Thanks Minrew :D

    God Bless you for ur efforts

  • well with this knoledge, I have to see the film, to judge for myself.
  • Guys, I think one of us should see it and then tell the others how it is, because if we all go see it and we discover that it's wrong, we are encouraging the creation of movies that shows Christianity as the way it isn't....

    Passion of the Christ was excellent...

    Why couldn't there be another movie parallel to it??
  • We live in a world where people who could care less about God dominate the population. What can we do but pray?

    I personally know a gurl who says she's atheist although her family is catholic because she doesn't wanna have to deal with all this "nonsense"

    One question. Can someone clue me in about these pentocostal christians (excuse my spelling :)). I have many of them in my school, and I'd just like to know some stuff about them so I'm not totally stupid when i talk to them. lol. ;)

    God bless,
  • Do u mean protestants??

  • no, i mean pentocostal christians
    i know it sounds weird but i'm sure of it

  • ohmigosh, I just heard the commercials for the movie today, and guess which line stands out?......" Oh my god! I just ran over Jesus!....." What kind of movie is that? >:( Now I know why you were so upset about it Defender!.

  • hey sleepy,

    What a disgrace to Christianity??!! >:(

    what a disgrace to our beliefs??!! >:(

    Or the line: "Who wants to rock G-O-D-???" God Forgive!!!

    I'll will burst out of anger every time I look at that movie or hear about it!!!

  • seriously.

  • I guess that movie isnt playing in the U.S. because we haven't heard anything about it at all. Its probably just a Canadian film. If it is playing in the US, let us know.

    - Chris
  • It is in the U.S.
    I'm from the U.S., and I just heard the commercial on the radio this morning before I left for school. Argh, this is so annoying. I can't believe they'd make a movie like that! >:(

  • it is playin in the US....i saw sum commericials...
  • I herad some more commercials this morning, and the more I hear them, the more I'm disgusted.

  • Yes, they are pretty disturbing. This morning, a protestant pastor in our school gave us a sermona and in the end he yelled out: SEX IS AWESOME!!! and every1 laughed at him....

  • That is sad. Really sad. How can they let a pastor, of all people, give middle schoolers a sermon and in the end yell something like that out. What's wrong with them? Geez.

    - Chris
  • Actually we're highschoolers...
  • Oh. And you were told you were too young to help others in your church? I'm in high school, and we are all encouraged to actively participate in helping others and leading. That's odd. Ok. Well its still wrong what that pastor did. HE'S A PASTOR! He should've known better than to end a sermon with those words. Unless they were relevant, which doesn't sound possible. Correct me if I'm wrong Defender.

    - Chris
  • Well, he is kinda strange, i mean he says "I do miracles" and all that stuff, lucky I don't go to his church and that I'm not protestant...

  • To get back on topic, if this movie is as blasphemous as you all say it is (which, I believe you all 100%), why hasn't it made a 'splash' in the Christian community? Maybe I am not aware of it, but there hasn't been anything said against it except for this website. Jews got mad over The Passion Of The Christ, we have the same right to get mad over this Saved. Am I wrong?

    Let the name of the Lord: be within us: so as to enlighten: our inner self.
    - Chris
  • Your definietly right. I myslef do not accept this movie at all.
    Take a look at the pic attached, that's from the movie "saved" and what I think is that they should take the movie and burn it.
  • REST OF PIC!!!
  • Look at the rest of it in the second post!!!
  • Wow. What's wrong with these people? According to the Saved Movie website, they made it that way to show how "teens and faith sometimes have trouble coinciding." They also said some people would get offended. Very true, I am offended. They don't need to make a movie making fun of Christianity to show how teens have trouble following the religion. They need to make a movie to show how teens need Christianity just as much as everyone else.

    We too, the people: the Orthodox children: we bow down to the Cross: of our Lord Jesus Christ.
    - Chris
  • Did u see the trailer, O man, my blood boils when I see it!!!

  • Where and what kind of high school is this? I'm assuing this is a private school, since there was a pastor, but why..I would report him to his leadership (if they care).
    I had a professor in university who was a methodist minister. He told us his "bishop" denied the virgin birth, and this professor/minister brought heresy charges up on his "bishop." Well, the methodist tribunal decided there was no such thing as heresy and let the "bishop" stay!! After this, my professor resigned his post, finally after a few years the Holy Spirit lead him to a Byzantine Catholic Church near Chicago. His bishop is now asking him to become a priest (he's still thinking about it). This is the dire circumstances the protestants are in. I mean look at the Anglicans with their gay bishops and same-sex blessings. They prefer unity in a lie over Truth.

    If anyone gets a chance, check out my professor's church:

    go to the photo section, all the icons were painted by their resident priest, Fr. Thomas Loya, beautiful absolutely beautiful.
  • We'll just have to pray that this doesn't get worse.

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