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If you have one chance to ask God one question about anything, what would it be? and again ONLY ONE question :)


  • ohhh thats soooooooo hard!
    i have no clue,
    maybe id ask him what id needa fix about my life if i wanted to enter the kingdom of heaven?

    wat wood u ask GoDiSiNmYhEaRt?
  • Yes it is hard. :)

    My Question for him would be: why does he forgive and love us that much even when we keep on sinning and getting out of his way?
  • thats a beautiful question, definatly part of my top 5,
    i recon God would say that He luvs us and frogives us, because he made us with his own hands, we are his creation...
    ps, wats ur name Godisinmyheart
    cause it feels wierd calling u that...
  • [quote author=G.J.I link=board=1;threadid=273;start=0#msg2128 date=1085209129]
    thats a beautiful question, definatly part of my top 5,
    i recon God would say that He luvs us and frogives us, because he made us with his own hands, we are his creation...
    ps, wats ur name Godisinmyheart
    cause it feels wierd calling u that...

    My name is Noora :)

    then if he created us and he loves us that much, why is there an end for the world? where most of his beloved children will die?

    its like a question answered by another question.
  • Noora, gr8 name

    i guess theres and end of the world to reward all his creation, that loved him back and kept his commandments, so we can be closer to him, its outta love that the world will end, as for the condemned ppl, they are only condemned because they chose to be.
  • umm... i cant think of a question to ask God
    Noora ur question is one of those never ending questions... which is kinda cool lol
    anyways, i think i'd ask God if that i try my hardest to get into heaven, besides seeing Him if i'll be able to see my grandparents, and whoever else that i loved that would be dead by that time
    sounds harsh, i know, but we all end up dying, right? :-\
  • But the wrld will end so that we would be in a better place with God, instead of all these troubles, Saints, in my opinion, are waiting for this day, too!!

  • Christos Anesti!!!

    Hmmmm.... The question I would ask God is..." How can I love You more by serving my neighbor?"

    Al Masiah Kam!!!
  • ya that kinda confuses me but I aways think, well if I can't love my brother who I can see, how then could I love God who I can't see, that's why I try loving my neighbours!

  • ahh...words of wisdom Defender....words of wisdom....

    - Chris
  • Words of Wisdom are from God, for he is the one that sends us this wisdom, as for me, I lack wisdom!

  • dont we all?!?!?! lol ;D
  • maybe I lack the most!!!! ;D

  • [glow=red,2,300]Cristo ha Resucitado!!![/glow]

    I am glad my question made some brethren ponder but I didnt mean it that! What my question meant was How can I love my neighbor more so that i can show my Godly love to HIM. Maybe i needed to rephrase my question? lol.


  • Oh Ok!

    lol! Hey every1, check ou t the new views on dating post!

  • hay!
    how are you all?
    GOD bless..
    firstly i know this is a bit side tracted from all the other responses but that question is such a great one!...
    honestly if i saw GOD i dont think i'd ask him anything...i would be to speechless :o (which is impossible for me but then again with god all things are to even mumble a word. I mean if you saw GOD wouldnt you also see his glory, his angels, archangels and all his majesty! now thats enough to bear let alone thinking up a question to not to sure but i think thats why we cant see GOD literally because we wouldnt be able to comprehend and take in his glory an mercy because its just to much to handle...
    god bless
  • That's an awesome reply!

  • thanks defender! ;)

    i have kinda noticed that you are very opinion oriantated! which can be extreemly good thing! either that or you just have a lot to say on every topic...which is still a good thing lol. its nice to see people getting involved with coptic stuff.. i guess we should be proud of our heritage maybe not exactly our culture but for sure our heritage!!! we are ansestors of the mighty Pharohs who were one of the most intelligent civilisations of the world...What else could make you proud? but that! huh? sorry im really getting off i can be so lost sometimes...
    thanks again
    god bless
  • No problem, dude! Oh btw, I think that you mean descendants not ancestors. But ur right we should be very ptoud of our heritage, today I learned that the Crosses most of us, (not me), have on ur right wrists were to mark Christian babies because they were kidnapped by muslims so when they grew up they'de know their true origion, also, that it was green or blue like the colour of the great martyrs necks after carrying these very heavy Crosses given by the romans as a kind of torture!!

    How Great it is to know ur ancestors, from this generation to Mesrayem the father of all Egyptians!!

  • [quote author=MarMar91 link=board=1;threadid=273;start=15#msg9665 date=1093758013]
    I'd definately ask God what his will for my life was... but thats just me...

    definetaly the question i would ask too.
  • That's a tough one :-\ I always wanted to ask many questions but my first one would be: What do I need to fix in my life to please you? Same as G.J.I basically. I just would want to know if what I'm doing is right and if not what would I need to fix..
  • I would ask God why he didn't let Noach kill those two muskeeto's in the Arch ::) lol, jkz.

    I would have many questions, i wouldn't know where to start ???
  • i think id ask him did we really HAVE TO inherit Adam and Eve's consequences of sin ::) >:(....jk
  • I figured what i want to ask:

    I'd like to ask God if he could take me a tour through time:

    think about it: how wonderfull would it be to see

    Adam and Eve in Paradise
    The arc of Noach
    All the fathers the patriarchs
    The red sea split
    The burning bush when God talked to Moses
    David sitting with his sheep while singing psalms on his psaltery
    Solomon praying in the marvelous temple
    the three saintly children in the furnace and God in their midst
    etc etc etc

    wouldn't that be the greatest journey of ur life :D
  • Well I think a question that I might ask Him is, God what is my purpose, what do You want me to do, I wanna be with you, how?

    considering these 3 questions 1 then ya...

  • I dont think I'd ask God a question....before u roll ur eyes @ me, lolx....i know I'd be dying practicaly laying an egg to ask him a question i just dont think i would....i spent my whole entire lifetime asking questions.....please lord bless my family, why this, why that, can i get that new sweater for my birthday, please let me get a good grade....and of all the times I've talked to God i might have thanked him....well lets just say not enough....I'd be too scared of the answer and too confuzzled about wut question to ask, i think i'd just sit there and say thank you....lolx....i dont mean to sound cheezy, i just find it almost impossible for me to pick ONE question and ask it to him....i'm far more complicated, lolx...not 2 scare ne1 or nething, u kno wut im gonna stop talking now, ok.....u guys rock! lolx

    GOD BLESS ALL! :-*
  • and the worlds most sweetest person award goes too...
  • thnx GoDiSiNmYhEaRt this was a gr8 topic
    GBU alot
  • o yea right, please i dont deserve it nor would i yeaahhh...thank u so much for ur kindess... ;D bbbuuuutttt, back to the topic....which was wut question would u ask God....wouldnt anyone be inetersted in seeing hell? just lyk a view of wut happens to the ppl in it? i kinda would...

    GOD BLESS ALL! :-*
  • thats a good one; but isn't it freaky to see all kinds of people u have met in ur life, in hell :-\
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