Very big problem to me ... Help

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My protestant friend in university who is very nice to me in my depression and meets up with me once a week often .. just rang and asked if I wanted to meet up with him tommorow and I said something like "No, I have exams... but can I ring back later if I change my mind?" the reason is not really exam but because I am have suspicions though I think he means well... I think maybe the devil uses some people (after I read some of diabolic wars by H.H ) to divert me from orthodox ideas.. like last time we met up we were talking about the adoption as sons.. the thing is I listen but maybe im a weak personality but dont u think its safe if I come and talk about what we were talking about here if I remember or ask abouna? because I want to ring him back and tell him I am coming tommorow..

the thing is I think he is a very nice person and shy like me and would be sensitive to this rejection which might be taken personally he might take me as a friend as I took him.

Because I dont feel God wants me not to talk to protestants at all about things since some of them really are true brethren to the LORD and I cant use the excuse I am weak because I may always think im weak...


  • wow this is serious n make sure u talk 2 ur FOC but at da moment ive got nothen 2 say becasue im in a similar situation but ill try to ask n see what i can find out :)
  • ok thx what do others think?

  • if you think it will effect your spirirtual life... even .0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001% DONT DO IT... period.
  • i tottally agree with bishoy all the way

  • maybe u should view this as an opportunity to stenghthen ur faith so u wont be moved
    i have a question tho
    does your friend usually talk to you about religious matters?
  • He seems to be trying to encourage me .. for instance he may try to say you are a son of God and you can never be lost..

    "Noone snatches him out of my fathers hand" [I dont think he said this one but do u see my point? ] "sealed with the Holy Spirit of promise for the day of redemption.."
  • im sure u can stay heaps close still just avoid the matter of religious discussion- if it does come up jus plainly tell him that u don wana talk about it no more.
  • it's not normal 4 ME 2 talk 2 any friends on Religious matters and i've neva started any conversation with any friend (non-orthodox) that concern religion so i don't like ppl that always talk 2 incourage u for their religion (wat eva it is)

    {only my opinion :)
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