a friend problems!

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hey guys...i really need ur help on that...i have a friend at schol she is jewish but she is really nice...and there are a group of people that r always making fun of her...and i really don't know what to do!now she hates school,she skips fith period because of them,she skip lunch becasue of them,and sometimes she stays at the library crying and i try my best every day to go there and sit with here...but the amazing thing is when i went to talk to the people who r making fun of her...i was surprised..they said WE ARE JUST HAVING FUN WE DON"T CARE ABOUT ATHOR PEOPLE...and i really need advice!becasue i can't sit and watch her like that all year long...!!


  • aww, omg thats really sad. well be her friend and try to stick up for her, thatll help her out a little bit. and if this continues or gets worse tell a teacher...
  • omg...that is so sad...when I came to the US for the first time...it took me a few years to get over people making fun of me...but what's great is if she believes that she can stand up to them and say, "how would you feel if someone came up to you and started making fun of, that you had to skip 5th period, and skip lunch...how would you feel?" that is so sad...GOD BLESS HER...Sandra your a great girl...God bless you...and that is so sweet that your trying to help her feel better!

    [coptic]God Bless[/coptic]
  • i did everything u can imagine...i talked to the counsler and she give up!!
  • thanks coptic servat but i can't like tell her that...we don't talk about it anymore but she crys everyday(almost)and i just sit there like an idiot that cant do anything!!
  • believe it or not, just by being there u are helping her.
    all things in time
  • he's right. whether she shows it or not there's this happy feeling inside her that some1s helping her out of this. look that happened to almost every egyptian that came here. whenever some1 says something to me i talk back, i used to sit there like her and feel bad (but i never cut any classes or cried), and it takes a while to know how to solve this. tell her to act like anything never happened and to go to all her classes as she was queen of the school. when kids like that see theres no point in it they'll stop, believe me i know from experience...
  • they r not making fun of her to get her embarrased they just have fun doing that...so it doesn't really matter with them!!i really don't know wht todo for her!!anymore...!
  • they are doing to make fun of her, but u dont get it. they're fun in it is when they see her crying and being affected by them, when she shows them it doesnt make a difference with her theyll stop
  • sandrahanna,
    today our sunday school lesson was about compliments including bad and good compliments...and it was a huge discussion...we have to watch the words before they come out of the mouth...and if she is the jewish kind that believes the words of God than tell her...God said Forgive and Forget...this is my ultimate favorite phrase...and stand up to the people making fun of her than you are gonna solve it...but if she doesn't want you to help I don't know what to tell you...but by standing the kids that are making fun of her...that will make the bullies get afraid and trust it works if you stand up to them!

    [coptic]God Bless[/coptic]
  • ok just stick up for her and stuff like wat every one else said... dont be like "ok can u please stop teasing my friend?" that is not gonna get u newhere
    u say to then "alrite guys u messed with my friend long enough now STEP OFF or ill pop ur face in!" or somthing strong like that if they kno u r stong they will leave
    i hope i helped
  • [quote author=G.F. link=board=10;threadid=2451;start=0#msg38398 date=1126481469]
    u say to then "alrite guys u messed with my friend long enough now STEP OFF or ill pop ur face in!" or somthing strong like that if they kno u r stong they will leave

    please G.F. that is not the right way to react...pop your face...no she needs to handle it in a good manner...and plus I don't think sandrahanna is that type of person...sorry if you took this the wrong way...but it's not a good manner to react to!
  • that will incite them to try harder cuz u reacted emotionally. never let your emotions get the best of you ;D rationality is the key
  • okay let me tell u something...can u stand infront of football players and pop thier face i don't think so...i can't stand infront of gaints and...and what...pop thier face...they will probably pop me!!
  • my opioin is to tell her to ignore em-- then when they see that what they say isn't doing anything to her anymore they will get bored and stop.. U have to just ignore what they say.. alot of ppl say stuff like that but the only thing is to ignore them
  • thats true i agree with Mina. all u need to do is not make it fun for them and if they dont care they'll just leave cuz it wouldnt be worth their effort anymore.
    take care,
  • they r not making effort to laugh!!
  • it doesnt matter sandra. they are doing it to hurt her. tell her to ignore them completely. that is the key, believe me.
  • I completely agree with Mina and Christ4life
  • all you can accually do is to ignore them.. just pretend they are not there!
  • okay...i just told her...and she is trying to ignor!!thanks!
  • hope it works

    and tell her we are all with her!
  • thank u for all of that...but those people got susspended beacuse of me telling the principle...and i feel so guilty!! :'( :'(
  • hey don't feel bad sandra you did the right thing, hey how is she doing?
  • Dont feel bad. You did the right thing and they got what they deserved//
  • well...she is fine...after what happened(suspension)
    but i can't imagin whats going to happen to me after they come back!! :'( :'( :'( pray for me...please!
  • Don't worry. As longs as you did the right thing God will protect you.
  • Like Christ4Life said, God shall protect you, but you still did the right thing! Is she actually eating lunch in the cafeteria, and not skipping 5th period?
  • you are both in my prayers

    [glow=red,2,300]God Bless[/glow]
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