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    i understnd that Abounas not there to judge me but whenever i confess he makes me feel bad about myself, and i think thats my job not his

    Your priest that makes u feel guilty? He tells u how bad u are??

    Is he a monk or a priest? Has he been living in the west or Egypt all his life??

    I once felt bad about a sin, and i confessed it, and the priest looked at me and said :"well.. i've done worse than u anyway". lol

    Yeah... priests can be strange. They have no right to make u feel anything. All there job is to make sure u are sincere. Not to make u realise what u've done is disasterous. If they go so far as making u feel guilty and humiliated , then why not spend time getting to know u more and what made u do that sin!???

    Making u feel guilty is awful
  • U could, hypothetically speaking, make urself have severe trauma, forget everything (amnesia) and thus it is a sin you don't remember, hence not implicated in.

    Lol. Jokes.

    I did this sin only once. I was so shocked, and I didn't do it again. But at the time I couldn't confess it. So I didn't. I would feel progressively weak and in the dark. Just the way the Devil likes it. And after a year, I did it again. I better tell the priest, right? Well, I still couldn't. Guess what- in a year's time it become quite chronic. It was only when I confessed years later that I was able to get out of the strangle hold. And now, I still have problems.

    Please, confess it buddy, and free yourself from it- because it may be a silent killer.

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    ok say yu confess regulary and yu try hard to be good cuz my FOC said that thats how you get ot heaven but what if theres just one sin that your really ashamed of and you dont wanna tell your FOC will God kinda let that one go

    Confess everything that you can remember. If u can remember it, it means that its worth confessing. If you cannot remember your sins, then too bad. But i don't get the question.

    If i have pain or a bruise somewhere on my body, why not tell the doctor?? Sure, there are some "embarassing" illnesses that we are ashamed to show a doctor, but they have to be treated still...

    Listen, the medical costs are free. All you have to do is make an appointment, get checked, and slowly get better.
    THe doctor will give u medication (Holy Communion), and that's it. You is sorted matey!!!

    Don't hide any sin from your doctor, because you'll be wasting his time and your time. Its having showing the doctor your little finger, when in reality, you have internal blood clot, and you're not addresing it, cos it's a "disgusting" thing to show your doctor.

    Treatment is free. The cure is there. All u have to do is make a decision that you want to get fit and better. If u are embarased from your illness, then go and see a doctor that is more interested in your cure than actually making fun of your condition.
  • I don't think that God will let that go. Answer this question, would u want yourself to go to hell just because of one sin? It's not worth it. And by the way ur FOC sins too so he goes confesses also. But don't think that ur FOC is going to remember that sin and i am positive that he won't go and say OMG this girl/boy is so bad they did this and this. Plus why would u be ashamed if God already knows u did it. And confessing ur sins is talking to God but with ur FOC present. Hope I helped.
  • my FOC says that ur priest wont say u r a bad person or go tell any1 when u tell him and  when u r done confessing ur FOC forgets about what ever sin said so u shouldn't be that ashamed of telling u FOC
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