Why do Catholics...?

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Why do Catholics only raise incense during funerals, but not during regular services like we do....?


  • beats me... never even knew they do that... any info would help...
  • Actually the catholics do raise incense during the mass but it is only done by the alter boy not the priest! Even in the presence of a bishop??very strange i reakon.
    and also the funny thing is they dont do it in all the masses i went to catholic skools all my life and most of the masses i went to never had any incense raising it was only very few masses they did had incence
    preety weird.!!!!!!!!
  • The Roman Catholic Church is, ironically, now the largest Protestant denomination in the world.
  • He's actually right, they have changed from the ancient faith so much, that they are protestants.

  • Their incense smells different than ours...Ours smells good ;D!
  • True when you smell the incense it feels like your already in heaven
  • yeah...Catholic incense smells too sweet like cinnamon or something....it's like so "flowery" and "white-bread"....lol
  • i really don't know but it is true that they don't raise incense during normal days because every time i used to go there there was no incense!i didn't even smell it!!
  • Have u guys seen the Gigantic Shorias at the Vatican on Tv... it loooks about 1m by 1m.... and two ropes carring it and they swing it.... pretty weird... Now, imagine if our church used those huge things!...lol
  • i didn't see it but it sounds funny!!!!
  • Now, imagine if our church used those huge things!...

    Poor abouna ;)
  • it will probably be bigger than him!!
  • Wow, if abouna had to carry that thing it would probably weigh him down, lol. Thank fully our's are small and small enough for humans. lol :)
  • when i was little i went to a catholic school in egypt and they made attend mass on wednesday. whenever i would take communion there they would give me this wierd looking wafer dipped in the wine and it always tasted funny. lol it was like paper.
  • oh wow, not an "Extreme" Christian.... lol...
  • some catholic schools in egypt made you take thier communiun belafia...and i wasn't really in a catholic school i was in a school that the priciple as like the pope of the protostant"senodes el nile el engily" some of you maybe fimiliar with that name...but they take crackers for thier comuniun!!i tried it once and i went to confess and my FOC told me consider that you ate crackers!not took cominiun!
  • lol well at least they provide you with a meal! ;)
  • until i was 9 (almost 10) and i finished 3rd grade there. i came in the summer of 98 in july
  • ya after egypt it was all public school, whether or not thats better or worse i dont know lol
  • well public schools are defenitely not great, but all schools have their faults, some more than others. but was marylawn an all girl catholic school? cuz thats shocking that its known to be a fact u'll be abused
  • its sad how rare that is ??? but thats good, i'm glad that not all schools teach their students only how to curse and tell dirty jokes
  • well if that does happen, the punishment if there is any would be a reward from heaven and should be taken gladly
  • In the public HS here the have you do service hours too...
  • i think you have to do 24 or 25 hours, something like that...
  • The Catholics actually let women distribute the Holy Communion (no offense to women at all, but this is the priest's job only he may even TOUCH the Body of Christ with his bare hands).

    - so can Bishops, Popes and ...Deacons
    ((only the head deacon may touch the Body, if the bishop, priest, or pope was unable to continue the Liturgy for health reasons and no other priest was available to finish it (the Body must be distributed in the very same time period it was blessed divine))).

    They also let Youth distribute it. And everyone touches it (whereas the coptic priests insert it into your mouth without you ever touching it).
  • yikes! sorry, I just realized i posted that last message in the wrong room, sorry all.

  • nw st victor....

    i once attended a catholic mass for skool once and before the mass started they passed around the 'bread' for us to see and feel n i still rememba....it looked like a sakata (do u know what that is?) ok it looked like a cracker...n i accidently snapped it in half!!! LOL i rememba blaming it on my friend new to me....oh yer i need to confess that...lol....

    i also attended a FIJIAN mass...it was soo kool however i was the only white girl n i got ALOT of looks other than that, the Singing was great, they read the BIBLE in their on language n the leader was an ordinary guy wearing one of those skirts they wear!!! it was soooooo kool...

    n no...i took the liberty of actually going to that mass BY MY SELF!!!
  • Hi i think i can answer this. In the traditional Latin mass in Catholicism the Priest does use incsense, in a high mass. Not during a low mass.

  • You guys are creating differences without understanding them. Many of the things you mention are externals, like the difference between a liturgy in Rome or Alexandria or Greece or Russia. Just because it is different doesn't mean it's worse.

    For example in Rome, incense is only used for extremely special occasions. Liturgies with the Pope, a Bishop, for Saints, Christmas, etc would get incense, while normal days wouldn't - this was to show the specialness of the special days.

    The Bread used, in Rome they use unleavened bread - this is why it is thin and like a wafer. The West has always used this kind of bread. It's different, but not wrong.
  • in the Latin Rite we have something called a high mass and a low mass.

    a low mass is a daily mass, with no music, or chanting, or incense.

    On sundays or Holy days A high mass is sung. A high mass uses incense, and it is all sung. So Latin Catholics do use Incense a lot.

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