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  • I wouldn't be so quick to dismiss the apostolic in-your-face method of preaching as "incompatible with our times." It was no less compatible with their times. They were just as unwelcome in pagan temples and Jewish synagogues as we would be in a mosque today. They weren't killed for no reason. They were obnoxious, invasive, and gave no care for political acumen. It was just as ridiculous then as it would be now. Difference is; they didn't care.

    In the spirit of honesty, and not of judgment, the apostles would never have set foot into a gathering of any non-believers without making a bigger scene than a vegan in a meat market. Of 72 apostles, 71 were so obnoxious that they were killed, and also resulted in the murder and martyrdom of hundreds of thousands of other believers.

    We should at least be realistic in our comparisons. Good or bad decision aside, it is not a change in times that we are dealing with.


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    I agree mostly with what you said...but here the discrepancy, the understanding of Christianity and the faith of all non-orthodox is mostly very strong. Most of them do want you to go to their churches/meetings/masses and challenge them and talk and argue. Because as much as you want to bring them to the orthodox way, they want and believe they’ll get you to the “correct faith.” I think that’s one very important difference between unbelievers then and non-orthodox now.
  • Hi @ReturnOrthodoxy,
    I can't agree more with what you said. I actually think people of this age are more stubborn and hard to convince. I have one question though, what do you mean saying 71 were obnoxious? Are you describing the people who persecuted the apostles?
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  • What about Pope Shenouda???? Has he not enter a mosque too??? One of our greatest teachers and leaders considered a saint today has entered a mosque. There is nothing wrong with that at all. DONT GET CONFUSED and mix POLITICS and RELIGION today. If you know anything from our church its that to be of PEACE iwth your neigbors or enemysAlll he did was accept an invation with the same respect they visted our new church opening.

    “Live then in peace, you will be comforted and live in confidence and calm, in good health, both spiritually and physically.” - Pope Shenouda III
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