Liturgical 'hoods'

Hey guys,
So I've seen photos of Pope Kyrillos the VI, wearing a some sort of hood in liturgies and also in very old ordination videos, the bishops also wearing a hood, that appear to be in gold or something of the sort. Just wondering if there was any more information on this and why it isn't as apparent today?
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  • Bishop David (NYNE) still wears it !
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    A lot of Monks wear it when they pray at the Monastery where I serve. Even my Abouna will wear one on occasion. It's just a white cloth over the head, and when you fold it over it looks like a, "hood." It's definitely still around, I would figure 95% of English-speaking Copts don't see it because the Monasteries in the west aren't as revered as those in Egypt, understandably. And there aren't so many in a smaller geographical area, so it's tough to go to Texas, Georgia, Ohio or California if you're a 3 hour plus flight away.
  • I forgot the name of this cloth, but I heard/read somewhere it is reserved for monks and priests+ who never married/remained celibate- including monk priests who weren’t married before, bishops, and the rare number of priests who were married but remained celibate (there was a pope who was like this, he was doubted by his congregation and did a miracle proving it.. anyone remember his name?)
    Now I rarely see it outside of monasteries but I know 1 priest who wears it sometimes and he has 2 kids, so i could be entirely wrong. Pray for me!
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    His name is Anba Dimitrios the vine dresser
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  • @Daniel_Kyrillos I have pictures of monks such as Fr Fanous El-Anba Bola wearing the crown (taylasana/mitre)!
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    @Daniel_Kyrillos, that's nothing to mention
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  • @Jojo_Hanna im sure there are a bunch of rules about when it is or isn’t work, like I said I know virtually nothing about this
  • I found the answer from a monk over the weekend. They never wore the hoods back then, so since it was just as hat (beanie) it made sense to wear the crown.
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