"eloi eloi lama sabachthani"

Hi, i've always wondered why did Jesus said:"eloi eloi lama sabachthani" when he was on the cross.
sorry for my english xD


  • The recent interpretation that i have heard recently, but i haven't followed up on its source, is that, this was not a statement that Christ was saying, rather He was reciting psalm 21 LXX (22) which starts with: "My God, My God, why have You forsaken Me?" and ends with "That He has done this"...more like "it is done" which is the next thing Christ says after. 
  • u know how in morning prayers (bakar), the subdeacons give people psalms to read?
    well if they are doing it following the proper tradition, they read out the first line of the psalm,
    then the congregation member recognises it (not me, i don't know all the psalms that well!) and continues to recite the whole psalm, either from memory (again, not me!) or by reading it in their agpeya (prayer and psalm book).
    this is a really old tradition, and probably one of those we have from the jews.
    well, guess what psalm starts with 'my God, my God, why have you forsaken me?'
    ... it is psalm 21 (22 in masoretic text - that is in most english Bibles) and guess what psalm 21 is about?!


    yes, it's about the suffering of the promised saviour (messiah) on the cross!
    so what our Lord is saying is: 'look at me, i am fulfilling the prophecies in psalm 21 right before your eyes, I am the son of God, God who took on human flesh and the saviour of the world, and I am saving the world right now, so pay attention!'


    i only realised that after i joined the orthodox church. our church has the best explanations for everything!

  • Ekhrestos anesty
    Thank you @mabsoota I didn't even know that it was an old tradition.. What a rich denomination we are! Oh wait.. It is boring and unpalatable and completely tasteless..
    Yes I am quite sad with some Copts these days..
    Oujai khan ebshois
  • I think it's worth noting that a lot of Psalm 22 is used in the hymn Panou] paNou] which is said during the distribution of Bright Saturday.  The hymn starts out with very, very mournful words, but by the last verses is speaking of God's help and salvation. The final full verse begins with "Tote rwn afmoh `nrasi ouoh penlac qen ou;elyl." When do we say those words? The beginning of every first Lordly feast doxology!

  • Bright Saturday Matins Psalm: http://tasbeha.org/hymn_library/view/951
    Panouti Panouti can have the whole psalm or different parts of many psalms. Psalm 22 happens to have a lot of the visual aspects of the Crucification.
  • that is lovely, do u have a link to the hymn as well?
    i love it so much, bright saturday is my favourite service, and i thank God i was able to attend this year.
    ophadece, yes our church is lovely. people like andrew rezk need to keep asking questions and they will discover the beauty.
    please take the challenge of the people who make you sad, and see if you can love them so much and greet them with so much joy, that they come to the church to see how you did that.
    this may take a couple of years, but the more you think about God's grace and forgiveness, the less you will notice the annoying things about them.
    then they will wonder how come you are so joyful and not annoyed and start asking questions.

    it is when people ask questions, God answers them.
    i think He mentioned that in the Bible somewhere...
  • Ekhrestos anesty
    Dear @mabsoota,
    You are absolutely right. I will take your advice. I do need your prayers though..
    Oujai khan ebshois
  • ok then.
    but i need yours more.

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