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I wanted some insight from people older than me and who have more experience. I'll get right to it: I was a very good student and received very good marks in secondary school. However, I now attend a very challenging university with a set goal in mind for my career path. However, the more classes I take and the harder they become, I have done very poorly. I don't mean poorly by my standards either (which I admit I set very high for myself which causes a great deal of hardship for me) but very poorly in general. I have had a legitimate fear at one point that I was going to fail a class (which I didn't thank God but still did very poorly in). I do what I'm supposed to do as a student but it just never seems to be good enough anymore.

The career I want doesn't make matter any simpler as it is very selective and hard in general. However, it is what I really want to do with my life. I don't know how to proceed with my future. I can't really imagine myself doing something else. Any thoughts? 

On the spiritual side, I have struggled mightily as well (as much if not even more as a student). I have begged (to the point of weeping but to no avail) God for help in every step I take, but to be honest I think he's taking tough love to a whole new level with me. I feel completely ignored and I can certainly say I have lost all trust in him. Unfortunately the struggles don't just stop with my academics but that's a different story. 

I would sincerely appreciate all the different perspectives provided by the community and anyone who's willing to pick my brain. I feel like I need a different way of looking at things.



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    God works all things for good even if we do not pick right first but that is provided we learn His will later and pursue it. We may not be called to work in something we don't have talent for or it may be okay I do not know

    I feel bad that I never used my degree because I made my tutors think it is important to me but now I am encouraged to be a math tutor because it is my talent and I wish to be one and my dad thinks I can not do engineering because I needed a lot of help in university but he supports me to do it if I can. My dad says I should not feel bad and my tutor supported me because they do not wish to take my money without helping me finish if that is really what I want or think I can do but they do not mind if I do something else

    Right now I think my talent is in mathematics but I may seek to work as an engineer if I have talent because I want to understand technology and teach others and invent products
    but I might just be greedy putting too much attention on worldly things rather than my relationship with God. Since it will not come naturally and consume much of my time it might hurt my relationship with God

  • Study needs discipline as does the spiritual matters. Good advice from Mike about the tutoring and more prayer.

    God bless.
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