Nikhoros tiro

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Does anyone have a link to Nikhoros tiro? I can't find one in's library.



  • nikhorus teroo is the coptic translation of ya kolal sofoof.
    you will not find a recording here, the coptic is a translation, not the source so that's why you won't find cantors recordings.
  • There is more than one version of Nikhoros tiro in Coptic. You'll find HCOC's book and recording is different than the text in St Shenouda JC's power point presentation and SUS Diocese's Coptic Reader app.

    I guess HCOC's text is more "official" than the other version. I'm not sure which version is on this site.
  • I THINK, the text i have online is from the remenkimi yahoo group, when there were much activity. I might of, at some point of time, compared it with what Albair has in his book.
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