College problems- PLEASE HELP

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Hi everyone. I am currently in my 3rd semester of college, and I am asking those who have had prior experiences.

I am currently taking a Biology course, a chemistry course, a computer course, and a music appreciation course.

Right now, I'm not doing too good in either my biology or chemistry classes. The withdrawal date is coming up soon. I don't know whether to drop the courses or suffer through them. I'm just afraid of falling behind. I am in a two year course, and I still have quite a few difficult classes to take. Do you guys think it would be better to drop the classes, and be behind, or continue and get a C or D.

Please reply with answers and pray for my weak self. Thanks


  • You forgot option 3: take advantage of the learning lab, your professor's office hours, and other underutilized resources your university has to offer and make an A!

    "80% of success is showing up"- Woody Allen

    Pray a lot. Study a lot. You'll pass, God willing.
  • I think it's a little too late for an A. The last day to withdraw is Nov. 4, and I only see the classes getting harder.

    I am very lost right now, and I feel like God has left me alone. Instead of praying to God to give me an A, I've asked Him for his will, and it just seems like He really isn't showing me his will
  • If it's before the withdraw date, then it's definitely not too late.

    I can't remember Biology, I took it a while ago, but in Chemistry, the first exam is usually your lowest score and the second exam is usually the hardest. It's easy sailing from there.
  • Good grades has never really been my strong point. Ever since I was a little kid, I never have been  getting grades.

    But I'm so close to the church, and people always look at me as the best, but I'm really nothing. I feel like every time a got a bad report card, I would just shrug it off, and say next time. But it's getting real now. You can't just ignore college. I just feel like college isn't for me.

    I just want God to show me what he truly wants from me, because it looks like failure is right around the corner.
  • What about changing it from a grade to pass/no pass?
  • If I withdraw now, I get a "w" grade, and that doesn't effect my GPA.
  • Yeah, but it effects your financial aid (if you're getting any).

    It sounds like you're either pre-pharmacy or pre-some other health related career. I don't think just pass/no pass will cut it.

    My advice is if you've gotten lower than a 60 on either or both your exams then consider changing majors.

    Talk to your professor.
  • When I was in a similar situation, I ended up switching the one course I had that was not essential to my major (it was needed to fulfill general department requirements, but didn't count toward my concentration) to pass/no pass (and afterward the professor gave me a hard time about it: "Why'd you change to pass/no pass? You were getting an A!" Oops). That worked out fine for me, but I was in a social science, not medicine.

    I'm with TITL: Consider changing majors, but do not make any rash decisions. Talk to your adviser and the professor(s) in the affected classes, and of course pray.
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