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Hello all  :),
so I realize I have not introduced myself and that it might be proper to do so.
Well I am coptic by birth and a first generation in the u.s. and do not know arabic but have learned somewhat from others in church although some haven't always given accurate translations ;). I am in the first year of college and I am studying biological sciences and real estate for now and will be moving on to law (weird combo right :P) I have been serving in my church for only a couple years now and I must admit though i have been coptic from birth I have only been routinely attending church since I began service and because of this it would be fair to say I am small in knowledge and spirit but large in struggle and sin which is why I have joined this forum and forgive me if I take from this forum more than I contribute but anyway thank you hope everyone is have a great lent :)


  • Welcome! Welcome!

  • The site has truly received a blessing by your presence. Bio and going into law - that is a weird combo! I'm sure it will prepare you to dissect arguments (pun intended).

    Btw you have already contributed to the forum more than I have - your username caused me to look up the verse and memorize it!
  • Thank you both! And by the way unworthy1 I hope your memorization of this verse helps you I found it at the begining of my "journey" I guess you could call it and I found it very profound
    thanks and God bless :)
  • So simple yet profound, indeed.
  • Dear friends!
    Explain me please,when shall we celebrate The Easter?
    One man told me that it'll be on the 1 of may.The jews will celebrate including the 25 .04
  • Easter is on April 24th, not this Sunday, but the following! :)

    And Jews don't celebrate Easter, unless you're referring to Passover?
  • Dear friends!
    This year Passover is from 19 to 25 of april.
    Our ortodox Easter is 24 of april
    How can we celebrate The Easter if it is prohibit to do that during the period of Passover?.
  • The dates with which the Jews calculate Passover are no longer the same. The rule doesn't apply anymore.
  • hi guys i am new here and saying hello to you all
  • [quote author=shina31 link=topic=11212.msg141031#msg141031 date=1310024965]
    hi guys i am new here and saying hello to you all

    hi shina
  • Hi Every one
    I'm another new person here...
    God bless you all
  • [quote author=sherifm91 link=topic=11212.msg141108#msg141108 date=1310181112]
    Hi Every one
    I'm another new person here...
    God bless you all

    Blessing to have you, Sherif.
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