Order of the Liturgy


The Liturgy:
- The Third & Sixth hours of the Agpeya are prayed
- The hymn Alleluia. This is the day (Fai be pi) is chanted.
- After Prayer of Thanksgiving, the hymn Cotis Amen (or ni-saviv) is chanted followed by Tai shori.
- The hymn of the Intercessions is chanted as usual.
- The Response to the Praxis (Acts of the Apostles)
- After the reading of the Praxis (Acts) the hymn Evlogimenos is chanted, followed by the rest of the verses of the special hymn Fiat-him-si (as a baralex)
- The Synxarium is not read.
- The Trisagion is chanted followed by the litany of the gospel.
- The Psalm is chanted in the festive (Syngary) tune.
- The Response to the Psalm as described in the raising of Morning Incense.
- The 1st 3 gospels are read followed by the appropriate response, as follows:
- 1st Gospel: "Hosanna In the Highest..."
- 2nd Gospel: "He Who sits upon the Cherubim..."
- 3rd Gospel: "On the way..."
- The litany of the Gospel is prayed followed by the Psalm in the annual tune.
- The Response to the Psalm as described in Matins.
- The 4th gospel is read followed by its response
- The Adam Aspasmos
- The Watos Aspasmos
- The Fraction for Palm Sunday is prayed.
- The response to Psalm 150 and the Psalm are sung in the Palm Sunday tune
- Je efis-maro-ot is chanted
- A melody (madeha) for the feast is chanted after Psalm 150
- The priest "releases the angel of the Sacrifice," but doesn't give the benediction, nor the permission to depart.
- He closes the veil of the sanctuary and begins the General Funeral Prayer.