Sons of God


Sons of God, hear His holy Word
Gather around the table of the Lord
Eat His body, drink His blood
And we'll sing a song of Love
Allelu, Allelu, Allelu, Alleluia.

(1)Brothers, sisters, we are one
And our life has just begun
In the spirit we are Young
We can live forever.

(2)Shout together to the Lord
Who has promised our reward
Happiness a hundred fold
And we'll live forever.

(3)Jesus gave a new command
That we love our fellow man
Till we reach the promised land
Where we'll live forever.

(4)If we want to live with Him
We must also die with Him
Die to selfishness and sin
And we'll live forever.

(5)Make the world a unity
Make all men one family
Till we meet the Trinity
And we'll live forever.

(6)With the Church we celebrate
Jesus coming we await
So we'll make a holiday
So we'll live forever.