St. Monica


St. Monica

R- Augustine the son of tears will never perish
Your cherished son O Monica can never be lost.
Your faithful tears, the Lord has seen
O Monica, for years and years
Blessed are you, O Holy, O Monica!

Upon seeing her son stray away from his God;
Denying His love, removing God from his heart
She taught and counselled, she guided and advised,
He wouldn't listen to her, she prayed to the Holy
Blessed are you O Holy, O Monica!

After him she travelled far and away,
Searching towns and cities, she prayed in faith
After many years it was the right time
Augustine repented and returned to the faith
Blessed are you O Holy, O Monica!

The boat was anchored on the peaceful harbour
She rested in the arms of our Saviour.
Leaving us a message to every mother:
'Children are precious and also gifts of heaven.'
Blessed are you O Holy, O Monica!