Second Annual Adam Aspasmos - Ari-aspazesta :: `Ariacpazec;e :: أسبسمس أدام سنوي ثاني


Greet, with a holy kiss, purify your hearts, from every evil thing.

`Ariacpazec;[email protected] qen ouvi e;[email protected] matoubo `[email protected] `ebol ha kakia niben.

قبِّلوا، بقبلةٍ مقدسة، طهِّروا قلوبكم، من كل شر.

Be prepared, for the gift of God, that you may be given, these mysteries.

Swpi `ere [email protected] `e]dwre`a `nte `Vnou]@ sa `nteten[i `[email protected] qen naimuctyrion.

كونوا مستعدين، لموهبة الله، حتى تنالوا، من هذه الأسرار.

Through these [mysteries], we may win mercy, and forgiveness of our sins, according to His great mercy.

`Ebol hiten [email protected] e;rensasni `[email protected] nem ou,w `ebol `nte [email protected] kata pefnis] `nnai.

وبهذه، نفوز بالرحمة، ومغفرة خطايانا، كعظيم رحمته.

We worship You O Christ, with Your good Father, and the Holy Spirit, for You have (come) and saved us. Have mercy upon us.

Tenouwst `mmok `w Pi`,[email protected] nem Pekiwt `n`aga;[email protected] nem Pi`pneuma E;[email protected] je (ak`i) akcw] `mmon. Nai nan.

نسجد لك أيها المسيح، مع أبيك الصالح، والروح القدس، لأنك (أتيت) وخلصتنا. إرحمنا.