Hold My Hand, O Lord


Hold my hand o lord
Like you held Peter's hand
When he started to drown
You gently held his hand

[Lifted him over the waves,
And made him feel safe] (2)
[And me too o lord
Hold my hand] (2)

The waves are strong for me
Makes my heart tremble
And the winds o lord are strong
I´ll not able to stand

[When the ship goes up and down
And rocks are in the way] (2)
[Tell the waves to be calm
And hold me in you arms] (2)

Enter my ship o lord
And also in my life
Cast my fear away
And heal all my pain

[And dwell in my heart
And fill it with your peace] (2)
[Never leave me alone
To walk in my path] (2)

My faith o lord is weak
Strengthen my faith
And If I ever doubt you
Or get lost in the way

[Bring me back to live
With you all my life] (2)
[You are my father lord
Your heart is full of love] (2)