1. One of the greatest, fathers and patriarchs, who brought the See growth, the giver Pope Shenouda.

2. Like Paul the apostle, the high Lord choose him, a bright star for the world, to bring sons to God.

3. Abba Theophilos, the bishop of the monastery, ordained him a monk, a righteous son to him.

4. One of the greatest monks, in the monastery of Sourian, the monks kindly found, the virtues of the paradise.

5. An honored priest, his face shines in joy, refrains from evil deeds, as model to all monasteries.

6. A father of confession, who favors none, yet accepts all with joy, and loves them very much.

7. He lived in a cave, he prayed fervently, but God choose him, to lead His people.

8. The Lord Jesus loved, his deeds towards the commandments, so He made him a fountain, to fill us all.

9. He was ordained a bishop, to spread the true faith, by the hand of the great Pope, Kerrelos the Sixth.

10. As the dean of the clerical school, and the schools of the faith, he spread teachings, and evangelism.

11. A leader for Sunday School, like Habib Girgis, despite all the obstacles, he care for it.

12. The divine providence, choose him for Patriarch, chosen by the people, and the divine lot.

13. He became a shepherd, interceding for us, and nourishes the sheep, with his sermons.

14. A shepherd of the shepherds, chosen from heaven, Saint Mary appeared to him, in glorious light.

15. The Mother of the heavenly, appeared in the churches, and with the saints´ relics, during his papacy.

16. He performed God´s will, like Saint Mark Jesus servant, he ordained hundreds of priests, and bishops to lead the souls.

17. He built many churches, in many new places, and diocese, with his great wisdom.

18. Over the years, he revived monasteries, with many churches, in all the continents.

19. In the corners of Egypt, he sent bishops, as Christ´s incense and fragrance, to glorify the Lord.

20. Abbeys ceased to exist but our righteous father thought, to revive them to shine, and to strengthen the new ones.

21. Jesus enlightened his mind, so he wrote books and poems, and sermons like the just, and teachings like rivers.