Happy Trip With Jesus Christ


Happy trip with Jesus Christ,
Along for seven weeks
(Enjoying the Great Lent
Fasting but not weak)2x

Fist week with God's kingdom
Is the goal we're looking for
Second week fighting the Devil
As Lord Jesus did before
Third week with the Prodigal Son,
"Father I've sinned before You."

Fourth with the Samaritan woman
Who hurried and told her kins
"Come to see a Great Prophet
who knew my life...Everything!
when I came to Jacob's well
Jesus cleansed me from my sin."

The fifth with the paralyzed
Thirty-eight years on his sick bed
the Son of God said to him
"From your illness, I thee rid"
At once the man became well
And the great miracle happened

Sixth week with the man born blind
Jesus gave him back his sight
A great happiness filled his heart
When he saw the sun so bright
He worshipped the King of Light
In every place he praised His might

The seventh is Palm Sunday
We rejoice and sing with joy
Receiving the King of Peace
With the multitude we say
"Hosanna, ep shiri en David"
Jesus, help me through Your way