Hear My Cry I Pray to Thee (Jonah's Prayer)


Hear my cry, I pray to thee,
And to my voice incline your ear,
Hold me and have mercy on me, (2)
For you O Lord I'm in great need. (2)

1 - My soul is troubled in the deep,
And my eyes are full of tears,
Now I remember you indeed, (2)
For your salvation is near. (2)

2 - All the waves came upon me,
I was drowned in the deep sea,
I asked for help where it could be, (2)
But in the hands of my Lord dear. (2)

3 - My heart is trembling in great fear,
And my head is wrapped in weeds,
Out of the depth I cried to Thee, (2)
Save my soul and set me free. (2)

4 - God ordered the whale in the sea,
To safely drop Jonah in peace,
In the whale's belly Jonah kneeled, (2)
And thanked the Lord for His great deed. (2)