You have come to the slaughter :: Ak`i `e`pqolqel :: أتيتَ إلى الذَبحِ


You have come to the slaughter as a lamb, even to the Cross.

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Ak`i `e`pqolqel `m`vry] `nou`ecwou sa `e`qryi `eOu`ctauroc.

أتيتَ إلى الذَبحِ مثل حَمَلٍ، حتى إلى الصليبِ.

You have manifested the greatness of Your care for me.

Akownh `ebol `nteknis] `mmetfairwous qaroi.

أظهرتَ عِظَمَ إهتمامِكَ بي.

You have slain my sin in Your tomb.

Akqwteb `mpanobi qen pek`mhau.

قَتَلتَ خَطيَتي بقَبرِكَ.

You have brought my first fruit up to heaven.

Ak`wli `nta`apar,y `e`pswi `e`tve.

أصعَدتَ باكُورَتي إلى السماءِ.

You have shown me the manifestation of Your Coming

Akouwnh nyi `ebol `n`tparoucia `nte pekjin`i.

أظهَرتَ لي إعلانَ مجيئِكَ.

wherein You shall come to judge the living and the dead, and give each one according to his deeds.

:ai `eteknyou `nqytc `e]hap `enyetonq nem nye;[email protected] ouoh `e] `mpiouai piouai kata nef`hbyoui.

هذا الذي تأتي فيه لتدينَ الأحياءَ والأمواتَ، وتُعطِي كلَّ واحدٍ كأعمالِهِ.

According to Your mercy, O Lord, and not according to our sins.

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Kata to `eleoc cou [email protected] ke my kata tac `amartiac `ymwn.

كرحمتك يا رب، وليس كخطايانا.