You are He around whom stand :: `N;ok gar :: أنتَ هو القيامُ حولَكَ


You are He around whom stand the Cherubim and the Seraphim, six wings to the one and six wings to the other,

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`N;ok gar ne `etou`ohi `eratou `mpekkw]@ `nje Ni,eroubim nem [email protected] `ere coou `ntenh `[email protected] ouoh coou `ntenh `mpikeouai.

أنتَ هو القيامُ حولَكَ الشاروبيمُ السِّرافيم، سِتةُ أجنحةٍ للواحدِ، وسِتةُ أجنحةٍ للآخرِ.

with two they cover their faces and with two they cover their feet, and with two they fly. And one cries to another.

Qen `cnau men `ntenh euhwbc `[email protected] qen `cnau de euhwbc `nnou[[email protected] euhyl de qen pike`[email protected] euws `ebol ouai oube ouai `mmwou.

فبِجِناحَينِ يُغَطونَ وجوهَهُم، وبإثنينِ يُغطونَ أرجلَهُم، ويَطِيرُونَ بإثنينِ، ويَصرُخونَ واحدٌ قُبَالَةَ واحدٍ مِنهم.

They send up the hymn of victory and salvation which is ours, with a voice full of glory.

Eutaou`o `mpihumnoc `nte pi[ro ouoh `noujai `[email protected] qen ou`cmy ecmeh `n`wou.

يُرسِلونَ تسبحةَ الغلبةِ والخلاصِ الذي لنا بصوتٍ مُمتلئ مجداً.

They praise, they sing, they proclaim, they cry out, saying—

Euhwc [email protected] euws `ebol eu]`qrwou eujw `mmoc.

يُسبِّحونَ، ويُنشِدونَ، ويَصرُخونَ، ويُصوِّتونَ قائلين:

Let us attend.

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The Cherubim worship You, and the Seraphim glorify You, proclaiming and saying,

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Ni,eroubim ceouwst `[email protected] nem Niceravim ce]`wou [email protected] euws `ebol eujw `[email protected]

الشاروبيم يسجدون لك، والسِّرافيم يمجدونك، صارخين قائلين:

“Holy, holy, holy, Lord of hosts, heaven and earth are full of Your holy glory.”

Je `agioc `agioc `[email protected] Kurioc cabaw;@ `plyryc `o ouranoc ke `y [email protected] tyc `agiac cou doxyc.

"قدوس. قدوس. قدوس. رب الصاباؤت. السماء والأرض مملوءتان من مجدك الأقدس."