Remember, O Lord :: `Ari`vmeui `P[oic :: أذكُر يا ربُّ




Remember, O Lord, the others: those whom we have remembered, the faithful, and those whom we have not remembered, the orthodox—

`Ari`vmeui `P[oic `nnike,[email protected] `etanerpoumeui `[email protected] nem ny on `ete `mpenerpoumeui `nor;odoxoc.

أذكُر يا ربُّ الآخَرِينَ الذِينَ ذَكَرناهُم المؤمِنينَ، وأيضاً الذِينَ لم نذكُرْهُمْ الأرثوذكسيينَ.

them and us—as a Good One and Lover of Mankind, O God.

Nai `ete `anon nemwou hwc `Aga;oc ouoh `mMairwmi `Vnou].

هؤلاءِ الذينَ نحنُ وهُم، كصالِحٍ ومُحِبِّ البشرِ يا الله.



Loose, remit, and forgive us, O God, our iniquities which we have committed willingly and which we have committed unwillingly, which we have committed knowingly and which we have committed unknowingly; the hidden and the manifest, O Lord, remit for us.

Bwl `ebol ,w `ebol `aricun,wrin nan `Vnou] `[email protected] ny`etanaitou qen [email protected] nem ny`etanaitou qen penouws [email protected] ny`etanaitou qen ou`[email protected] nem ny`etanaitou qen oumetat`[email protected] nyethyp nem nye;ouwnh `[email protected] `P[oic ek`e,au nan `ebol.

حِلَّ وإغفِرْ وإصفحْ لنا يا اللهُ عن زلاتِنا، التي صنعناها بإرادَتِنا والتي صنعناها بغيرِ إرادَتِنا، التي فعلناها بمعرِفَةٍ والتي فعلناها بغيرِ معرِفَةٍ، الخفيَّةِ والظاهِرةِ، يا رب اغفِرْها لنا.